Ethereal Mascot

By Moe Lane


Corporeal Forces: 1   Strength: 3   Agility: 1
Ethereal Forces: 3   Intelligence: 6   Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 3   Will: 6   Perception: 6
Word-Forces: N/A

Skills: Artistry/3 (Writing), Fast-Talk/6, Fighting/1, Knowledge (History/2, Literature/1, University of Maryland lore/3)

Songs: Daydreams/3*, Entropy (Ethereal/3), Harmony (Ethereal/3), Lending** (Corporeal/6), Memory (Ethereal/3), Shields (All/1)

Attunements: None

Extra Rites:

Vessels: Three bronze turtles/6

Roles: None

Dissonance: N/A

Discord: None

Artifacts: None

*It is unknown how Testudo managed to learn this Song.

**Normally a Song restricted to Cherubim/Djinn: Testudo apparently knows it as part of his specialized ethereal nature.***

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible for humanity to engage in superstitious activity without it spawning an ethereal. The practice of students at the University of Maryland is a case in point: there are several large bronze turtles at various places on campus, and it's become a habit to rub said turtles' noses for good luck. This sort of thing happens all the time, and nothing ever comes of it.

However, when people start leaving offerings, well, that's another story...

Testudo is a fairly young ethereal, but it's got a nice spot at the metaphorical table. Young humans always seem to have so much belief sloshing around inside them that it's practically exuding from every pore, and most are more than willing to spend a little of it on something that might help them pass a test. Testudo is happy to help with that. If you go to one of his statues right before a test, rub its nose and leave an offering (candy, roses, Dr. Pepper - he especially likes that one - or anything else of small but real value to you), well, it's amazing how well you do that day. Possibly you may be a little more tired than normal, but then, that's to be expected from staying up all night the night before studying, right?

Essentially, what happens is that you've performed Testudo's 2 Essence Worship Rite. The ethereal keeps one, and uses the other one to fuel the performance of the Corporeal Song of Lending upon you. If it works, it works: if not, well, he tried. For the most part, Testudo grants Fast-Talk, as the ability to BS well is usually what a student needs most when taking a test. The ethereal is picking up other skills from osmosis, though. After all, you can't hang around a campus for thirty years without learning something.

The ethereal also provides other boons for the Essence: he can calm jitters (Ethereal Song of Harmony), reaffirm someone's hopes (Song of Daydreams) and, if he likes you, even help you in a debate (Ethereal Song of Memory). It's also probably not a good idea to commit a violent crime in front of him (Ethereal Song of Entropy).

Testudo is really one of the good guys: he likes humans and considers himself to be in a symbiotic relationship with them. Honestly, most of these kids already know this stuff. They just need a little boost to their self-confidence from time to time, that's all. Testudo gives them that, and in exchange gets the use of some Essence that they'd certainly blow anyway on answering just one question correctly on a test. He's there to serve, and he serves well. He also gets to catch all the home football games, which is nice.

His existence is a bit problematic for the Host. Testudo is, after all, fairly obviously hanging out on the corporeal plane. Granted, he's doing nothing but help out humans, but rules are rules. Unfortunately, it so happens that there are Soldiers of God with University of Maryland diplomas, and they have all rubbed Testudo's nose at least once in their college days. They tend to be vehement about leaving their alma mater's mascot alone. Add to that the story about the time Yves wandered by, looked over the main statue-vessel of the ethereal for a moment, smiled and patted Testudo on the nose...

... Well, in a Bright campaign that'd be enough to make the Host quietly ignore any random ethereal bronze turtle manifestations that they might see. There are more important things to worry about, frankly.


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