The Creature

By Ryan Roth


Corporeal Forces: 5
Strength: 12
Agility: 8
Ethereal Forces: 5
Intelligence: 11
Precision: 9
Celestial Forces: 3
Will: 10*
Perception: 4

* bought up

Skills: Medicine/6, Occult/6, Technology/3

Attunements: Sorcery (with Create Zombi and Create Mummy Rituals)

Songs: anything GMs feel plausible; it could have learned just about anything since its 'creation'

Discord: Obsession(need for a Mate)/4


There is, perhaps, no other topic more invocative of controversy and heated debate among Sorcerers than the tale of a certain young pround Sorcerer, known to the world at large as Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein. That wasn't his real name, of course -- after all, Miss Shelley got the story from a friend of a friend of friend of the good Doctor's, and so was bound to get some of the details off.

That's part of the trouble, though -- depending on who you ask, you are bound to get a different version of the story.

What is known (read: agreed upon by the Sorcerous community with the smallest (read: quite a bit) amount of disagreement) is that the doctor was a young Sorcerer himself. A young Sorcerer who was very keen on the idea of merging the new Technology that was being developed during his time with stardard Sorcerous rituals. The doctor extremely gifted, and it is said that Vapula himself provided him support, just because he was interested in the outcome of the work.

Eventually, the doctor boasted to his colleagues that he had discovered a way of raising the dead -- not as a Zombi or Mummy, but fully alive. Alive, aware, and better than ever before. He boasted that he had an experiment underway with 'an excellent specimen' which would prove without any doubt that it was possible. 'Twas the last time he was seen alive.

After that, the details get sketchy. Some say the experiment failed in the typical Vapulan style, killing the doctor and the creature. Some say it failed and the doctor was claimed by Vapula for his failure to produce results.

Some say it worked. Those who say it did call your attention to reports of a 'strange creature' sighting in the Arctic, Alaska, Washington, and lately, Africa. They call your attention to evidence which, to them, indicates that this creature is trying to replicate the doctor's work.

Hence the controversy. Because the good doctor's notes were found, you see. And many a Sorcerer has spend many a long hour puzzling over them, trying to see if the doctor was on to something. The notes are legendary for being cryptic and obtuse (even by sorcerous standards) and they aren't complete. But there is enough there, just enough, to make one think, maybe...just maybe...

So, if it did work, how did it work? What was the missing ingredient, the needed mixtures, the required voltages? If Vapula was involved, why hasn't he tried the experiment again, or told someone about it?

And then, of course there is the suggestion that maybe it wasn't the doctor's process at all. Maybe there was something special about the 'specimen' itself which allowed the experiment to succeed.

Those that believe this final theory will point out the two facts which are consistent in every version of the Frankenstein story ever told:

1) After recovering from the tramua of being raised, all the creature ever wanted was 'a mate to share the world with'


2) In every story, in every account, and in his notes, the good doctor always refers to his creation as "Adam"...


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