By Michael Cleveland


...And in the year of The Great T'skral uprising, the Empire found new heroes to take the place of the Imperial Hunters. Chief among them was K'Maron, of the Ghost House of M'Kial. His birthplace is one of the great mysteries of legend, as he was born without the ridges of a Warrior, yet immediately proved himself worthy in battle. K'Maron was said to have the fastest reflexes in the Empire - in the Battle of Galedon, K'Maron defeated an entire platoon of Harada foot soldiers in single combat, giving the local defense forces time to reinforce the sector and drive the approaching armor away. K'Maron was also a starship captain without equal - the speed and lethality of the ships that he personally piloted has yet to be matched after a century of improvement. He was often criticized by the High Command for his refusal to engage in battle against civilians, a practice that has since been adopted by many within the Empire.

K'Maron was considered to be a leading candidate for election to the High Council, an honor he refused on multiple occasions. Upon his death at Ophiuchi II, where he died defending the civilian hospital from Romulan Death Squads, the truth about K'Maron was finally known. Unmasked as one of the O'Falik'Tshim, the mythical beings of fire that dwell between the stars, he ascended into the sky, returning to his home in the void after having left the Empire in the secure hands of the Emperor T'pal. Even to this present day, his military accomplishments are unequalled.

It is said that, in times of great need, K'Maron takes the form of a Klingon with eyes that burn with the intensity of his true form. He seldom reveals his true identity, preferring to keep away from the politics and fanfare that always plagued him. However, should one ever come across a young, unproven Warrior with nerves of lightning and bearing the crest of House M'Kial, one should always show respect for one who shares the blood of K'Maron, and who might well be the latest face of the Hero of Sarmalak...

- Klingon Home World, Inscription from the Hall of Heroes.

Angel of Klingons
Ofanite of War

Corporeal Forces: 6
Strength: 12
Agility: 12
Ethereal Forces: 4(5)
Intelligence: 9
Precision: 10
Celestial Forces: 5
Perception: 10
Will: 10

Suggested Word-Forces: 15

Attunements: Ofanite of War, Seraph of War, Malakite of War, Howl, One to One, Angel of Klingons

Skills: Fighting/6, Large Weapon(Sword)/3, Dodge/6, Drive(Starship)/6, Ranged Weapon(Disruptors)/6, Tactics/4, Tracking/5, Klingon History/6

Songs: Entropy(Corporeal/3, Ethereal/3), Form(All/4), Healing(Corporeal/3), Motion(Celestial/6), Shields(All/3), Tongues(All/3)

Vessel: Klingon Male/6 +3 Charisma

Discord: Aura/6

Angel of Klingons:

  1. User gains a reaction bonus equal to his Celestial Forces with Klingons.
  2. If the User has Proficiency, it applies to all Klingon Weapons.
  3. User succeeds in any Klingon Psychology or Area Knowledge roll with CD 6.

Cameron had spent the majority of his existence doing menial work in War's organization. He was passed over for promotion dozens of times, in favor of angels that didn't have their minds on 'flights of fancy', wondering if there was anything out there among the stars. After several hundred years of training and busy work, he was finally given a chance to go to Earth - a group of soldiers was performing surveillance on a pyramid under construction in Egypt, and he was assigned to be the token Celestial who was 'leading' the investigation.

When the pyramid turned out to be a Tether to Death, with Saminga in attendance, things started going badly. And when Cameron engaged Saminga in single combat, buying time for the soldiers that were with him to escape, he didn't expect to survive the encounter. But sometimes God has a plan for certain people, and apparently this was one of those times. Still, when Saminga said he was going to knock him clear across the skies, he meant it.

Due to a Divine Intervention, Cameron did not have all of his forces scattered, instead finding himself on a strange world with a strange Word and even stranger people whose language he couldn't understand immediately. He thought to return to Heaven, but for some reason decided to stay a while. These people, although outwardly strange, were very well versed in the ways of War. Honor, discipline, loyalty - here, all these things counted for something. And what was more, there was nothing to keep you from looking at the stars, if you were willing to take your place among them...

Even though the stars called to him, and the thought of travelling among them had an allure that he couldn't deny, he still planned to return home, until Destiny intervened. On the day that he decided to return, an invading army began bombarding the planet to soften it up for the ground troops that would land the next day. All of Cameron's thoughts of returning home were put on pause - though he'd yet to see a diabolical on this world, it was clear to him that evil was still quite present in this part of God's creation.

Weeks later, after the troops were thrown back, a starship landed and requested volunteers to replace crew lost in fighting. Taking the opportunity which he somehow felt he needed to, he was assigned to be a pilot trainee. While he'd never touched a machine more complicated than a bow personally, the Ofanite instinctively knew that this was something that could go fast, and so he stuck with it, becoming more and more skilled in its use.

Centuries passed, and the Klingon Empire grew. With it, the Warrior ideal of honorable combat, refusing to walk away from a fight, personal honor and responsibility grew as well. This unexpected increase in the power of the Word of War managed to catch the attention of Michael, who had not even been aware of his servitor's existence for several centuries. The Archangel of War began watching through Cameron's heart, watching as the Ofanite piloted his ship into impossible situations and come out the stronger.

As Michael watched, another truth became clear - were Cameron to return to Earth to fight the Diabolical threat, he would never again be able to enjoy the glories of spaceflight, or pilot a machine that could soar between the stars. It was also clear that while Man might be the pinnacle of God's Creation, the word 'Man' might well be applied to other Corporeal Beings that Had Sentience. If this was the case, it was important that someone watch over them, to be certain that the Horde did not develop inroads into these peoples. Michael quietly bound several additional attunements to his heart, and left him to his own devices.

Today, the Angel of Klingons has grown from the insignificant Ofanite that was thrown into the stars several millenia ago to a competent, self-assured and battle-hardened warrior. His contact with Heaven is still sparse, but that may be changing soon. Michael knows that the Klingons are out there, coming ever closer to Sol. When the time comes for first contact between Humanity and the Klingons, he's quite confident that a voice of reason will be found amongst the war leaders. Although contact should still be several hundred years from now, he'll let Jean in on the secret in a few more decades...

After all, if Jean doesn't want to give out disintegration guns and bio-disruptors until another eighty years have passed, there's no reason that he can't buy elsewhere...


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