Abiressia, Lilim Princess of the Wild

By Michael Walton


The world is wild and must never be tamed.

Abiressia is one of the oldest Lilim in existence. She began as a Free because her wild spirit refused to accept the yoke of a Prince. Abiressia paid off her Geasa to Lilith (all but the last one that "Mother" insists on keeping) as fast as she could manage. This was both the start of her troubles and the key to the eventual gaining of her Princedom.

When Abiressia got down to her last Geas, she received a visit from a demon named Teba'at. The Habbalah informed her that he was from the Game and had been watching her for some time. Hell, he said, had reasons to question her loyalty. Teba'at smiled as he reminded her of what happened to Free Lilim who were found guilty of treason. It would, of course, be best if she were to seek service with some Prince; then he wouldn't have to turn her in. Abiressia managed to fast-talk her way into getting more time to decide on a Prince to serve. What she was really after was time to find another option, but the Gamester didn't need to know that. No sooner did Teba'at leave than Abiressia went running to Lilith -- owing another Geas was better than getting stuck with any Prince.

The situation would've ended with Abiressia binding herself to Lilith in exchange for protection from the Game if not for the timing. As Abiressia was arriving at the Guildhall, Lilith was engaged in a Superior-level game with Andrealphus. The stakes were small by the standards of such beings; the loser would serve the winner for a period of seven years. The final move was made just as Abiressia entered the gallery -- and the Prince of Lust won. Lilith could barely conceal her distress as the terms of the wager forced her into conflict, however slight, with her Word. The Princess of Freedom racked her brain for a way out when a voice rang out from the gallery.

"I will take my mother's place." All eyes turned to Abiressia as she continued, "I owe my mother a debt for my very existence. It is only fitting that I show my appreciation by this sacrifice. And in return," she said with obvious triumph in her voice, "I ask only that, because of this act, we will be even." Lilith was torn between her desire to be free of the wager and the temptation to blast her insolent daughter into loose Forces.

Fortunately for Abiressia, Andrealphus stepped in before Lilith made up her mind. "What loyalty! What devotion! Truly, my dear, your daughters are rare creatures indeed to offer you such a gift. Would that my Servitors would do as much for me. I am honored to accept such a generous offer as this. And I promise," he said, his eyes agleam, "That I will treat her just as delicately as I would've treated you." And Lilith scowled, for she knew as well as Andrealphus did that the Prince of Lust accepted the offer for one reason alone - to gall the Princess of Freedom as she lost her last remaining hold on one of her daughters. But, seeing no way out of it, Lilith agreed and removed the last chain from Abiressia's neck. Then Andrealphus led his new prize off to Shal-Mari.

Abiressia never speaks of her first years of service to the Beautiful Prince; all that is known is that she truly won his favor. Within three years she was arranging orgies in Hell and throwing parties on Earth, but she found her true calling in the wildernesses. Abiressia reveled in instincts both sensual and predatory -- and there's no place better than Hell for learning to appreciate the law of the jungle. She also saw that Humans who were caught up in satisfying their instinctual needs were less likely to use their free will to avoid damnation. This insight and the brilliant use to which Abiressia put it led Andrealphus to sponsor her for the Word of Instinct. Abiressia's meeting with Lucifer is shrouded in mystery (even Alaemon hasn't been able to find out anything about it, much to his chagrin). But when she emerged from the Lightbringer's chambers, she came out with a Word and a Princedom. Lucifer set the newly crowned Feral Princess the task of opposing Jordi in the Corporeal realm. Abiressia relishes this task despite knowing that she is not yet strong enough to oppose Jordi directly. For now she walks softly in the wild places and concentrates her efforts on making people act like animals. Abiressia sees Humanity's bestial side as the key to its damnation.


Demons of the Wild can never allow themselves to be tamed. They must act out of instinct and passion rather than intellect. It is all right to think and plan, but such thought must employ base cunning rather than cold reason. The demon can maintain a civilized veneer for a number of days equal to her Corporeal Forces. After that, she must cast off all vestiges of civilization and give in to her instincts, running naked and free through the wilderness for at least a day.

Band Attunements

Balseraphs: Abiressia's Liars are masters of stealth. They subtract their Corporeal Forces from the TN of any attempt to track or detect them.

Djinn (restricted): Djinn of the Wild can Attune to a living animal -- including a Human -- if they have a sample of its tissue (a lock of hair, toenail clippings, a blood stain, etc.).

Calabim: Destroyers in Abiressia's service don't Disturb the Symphony when playing any Numinous Corpus that duplicates the natural weapons or defenses of an animal. For example, they create no Disturbance with NC: Claws or NC: Wings, but they create a normal Disturbance with NC: Flame.

Habbalah (restricted): These Punishers can destroy inhibitions and make their victims go wild. They add their Corporeal Forces to the CD of a successful roll when using their Resonance to amplify whatever emotion the target is feeling at the time. Lilim (restricted): Abiressia's Lilim can focus their Resonance so as to only detect basic instinctual Needs without penalty (hunger, thirst, sex, etc.; refer to the Infernal Player's Guide, p. 50 under "More Sophisticated Uses of Resonance"). When they satisfy such a Need, they add their Corporeal Forces to the TN of any attempt to Geas that person.

Shedim (restricted): A Shedite of the Wild knows the Celestial Song of Beasts and can play it on a Human Host without creating a Disturbance (playing it on a Vessel taken over by means of the Song of Possession is another story). The Song is known at a level equal to the demon's Celestial Forces.

Impudites (restricted): A Taker of the Wild can invest stolen Essence into bones, thus creating temporary Reliquaries. The bones must be buried in earth in order to retain the Essence. Once a Reliquary bone is dug up or before it is buried, it bleeds off 1 Essence into the Symphony at the end of each hour (creating a normal Disturbance) until it is empty or reburied. The maximum Essence that one bone can hold is equal to the demon's Celestial Forces, and the total number of bones held by one demon can never exceed his Corporeal Forces.

Servitor Attunements

Alpha: Demons of the Wild understand social hierarchies and how to move up in them. The demon has a bonus of +2 to the CD of any successful roll to establish dominance. An Abiressian with this Attunement and a Role is treated as if her Status is one level higher than it actually is.

Regeneration: The demon's current Vessel heals at twice the normal rate, and any use of the Corporeal Song of Healing on the possessor of this Attunement heals twice the normal amount of Body Hits (the wound might still leave a scar). Even lost limbs or organs will grow back eventually (GM's call as to how long that takes; a finger or eye might grow back in a few weeks while a lost arm would take at least six months). Abiressia often grants this Attunement to her Soldiers.

Sense of Scents: The demon's sense of smell is superhumanly acute. She has +3 to the TN of any Tracking roll if she knows and can smell the target's scent. She can also smell pheromones; with a successful Perception roll, the demon knows the subject's basic emotional state (equal to the Elohite Resonance on a CD of 1).


Knight of Proteus: Abiressia's Knights are proficient shapeshifters. With no Essence expenditure at all, they can play the Celestial Song of Form on themselves as if they had spent Essence equal to their Corporeal Forces. They can still spend Essence normally for greater effects.

Captain of Chameleons: As above, but it also applies to the Corporeal Song of Form and the Celestial Song of Beasts. None of these three Songs creates Disturbance.

Baron of Devolution: As above, but all of the effected Songs can now be played on others. The subject always takes on an animalistic appearance.


Abiressia only offers two Higher Distinctions outside of Hell's normal peerage system.

Askari: These demons have proven their loyalty in promoting the Word of the Wild. They are also proficient hunters of angels. All are quite powerful, and most are Word-bound.

Shikari: The Shikari are Abiressia's most fearsome fighters. A demon must be Word-bound and Distincted and must have killed a Word-bound angel in order to earn this Distinction. Each Shikari has a squad of Askari at his disposal.


Abiressia is a gifted politician who has made a number of friends during her short tenure -- she knows how to roll over and expose her throat to the alphas. Her success has also made her a few enemies.

Allied: Valefor (Valefor is allied to her)
Associated: Andrealphus, Haagenti (Andrealphus and Furfur consider her an associate)
Neutral: Everyone else except...
Hostile: Fleurity, Lilith Enemy: Vapula (Vapula is neutral toward Abiressia)

Basic Rites

Chance of Invocation: 3

Abiressia is ready and willing to help her Servitors when they call on her. Just remember that she is a Lilim, so any such help constitutes a favor.

Invocation Modifiers

+1: After satisfying a basic need (i.e. food, water or sex).
+2: Surrounded by wilderness.
+3: A group of Humans reveling in their instincts.
+4: An animal that doesn't recognize the sight or scent of Man.
+5: A wild place that no Human has ever visited.
+6: An animal of a species thought to be extinct.

The Skin You're In

The Princess of the Wild has been quite active in infernal politics during her short tenure, and it shows in her peers' opinions of her.

Demon Princes

Alaemon: Such a pretty package must hide some really ugly things. He wants my secrets? He's welcome to them... for a price.

Andrealphus: When she was mine, she gave excellent value for a fair price. I'm pleased to see that success hasn't spoiled her. Abiressia is one of the best I've ever trained - and you can take that however you like. He was once my master, and he never misses an opportunity to remind me of that. That's all right. He is no longer my master, and I never miss an opportunity to remind him of that. But no other Prince does so much for my Word, so it behooves me to work with him.

Asmodeus: She keeps proper control of her organization. She is of little utility, but she is of equally little concern. The solution to dealing with Asmodeus is to not do anything that would attract his attention. Discretion serves me better than boldness when it comes to the Game.

Baal: Are all of Andrealphus' former playthings going to get Words now? Oh, please, we don't need this! He doesn't think that I've earned my place. But when Baal goes back to being a brand new demon, works his way up the ranks and carves out a Princedom for himself instead of having it handed to him for parroting the party line, he can talk to me about not having earned a place.

Beleth: Animals have nightmares, too, oh yes. I know what scares her charges, and I know what scares her. Fear is instinctual, and therefore part of my Word. But so are rage and fighting tooth and nail when cornered. Let Beleth remember that when dealing with me.

Belial: As animals fear fire, so Abiressia fears me. I avoid Belial, for he destroys all that I build. I will not weep when he is gone.

Fleurity: Critters don't do drugs -- but drugs get tested on them. She helps me out without even trying. Those who put wild things in cages -- whether to gawk at them or experiment on them -- earn my wrath. Fleurity is almost as bad as Vapula.

Furfur: Yeah! This girl knows how to party! Too bad about the chastity belt, though. When he's not breaking things, Furfur has a one-track mind. He wasn't good enough for me when I was just a demon of Lust, and he's no more to my liking now. He's the one to call when you need chaos, however.

Haagenti: What an incredible cook! She made this casserole for me once -- it was worth what she asked in return! A disgusting, malodorous, execrable mass that is far too useful to do without.

Kobal: Do I like Abbie? Are you kidding? I looooove the look on her face when Lilith shows up wearing a fur coat! Not the most potent Prince, but he makes up for it with subtlety. His Word involves too much thinking and not enough instinct to suit me, though.

Kronos: The beasts of the field also have Fates. I have more important things to see to, so I am pleased that Abiressia takes care of such minor details. If he thinks my work is useful but unimportant, he'll stay out of my way. Which is exactly how I like it.

Lilith: It was a real surprise, her getting her Word and Princedom. I wonder what sort of... favors... she did for Lucifer to get them. Ah, Mother, what need is there for envy? I guarantee that I love you as much as you'd expect any of your daughters to.

Malphas: Even in packs and prides, there are divisions and cliques. But Abiressia knows this, and she knows that the strongest will always lead. That makes her smarter than most of her so-called peers. Malphas is the archetypal alpha, always clawing his way to the top of the pecking order. He can't be trusted, but he can be understood -- and as long as he's understood and properly managed, he's no threat.

Mammon: Who needs her and her dumb, moneyless animals? Dragons hoarded wealth. I miss dragons. In the wild, everything you need is there if you have the strength to take it. I have no use for Mammon or his goods.

Nybbas: Picture this; former demon of Lust... hot, sweaty animals... Discovery Channel. Can you say, "ratings?" His dependence on machines is a weakness that I cannot abide. Only the power of his Word makes him worthy of respect.

Pazuzu: Animals do not sin. She and her Word are of no concern to me. Her plagues destroy the wilderness. I do not tolerate her.

Saminga: Abiressia is pretty, but so is roadkill. Saminga is part of the cycle of life, just not so important a part as he thinks.

Valefor: How can I not like Abiressia? Ferrets, raccoons, magpies... many of her charges instinctively support my Word. He takes what he wants when he wants it. He moves with his prey. He establishes his dominance whenever necessary. Here is a Prince who knows how to live by instinct!

Vapula: An excellent provider of experimental subjects and a pretty ornament for one's arm. Quite useless otherwise. He destroys habitats and the creatures who live in them. His foul experiments must cease!


Blandine: Did you know that she has a special pack of demons devoted to nightmares of pursuit? She has much to answer for, oh, yes. So much power -- without the will to use it. Blandine is no threat.

Christopher: You know those reports of loving pets that suddenly turn on their owners? A lot of that is Abiressia's doing. No child should be afraid of his own dog! The master-slave relationship between Humans and animals must end. A tie of affection is just another kind of leash. If Christopher wants to stop me, let him try... but you know what happens when a little boy takes on a tigress.

David: The value of the pack is the only thing she's right about. As for the rest, she's merely a nuisance. David is a being of raw, primal force. I can respect that.

Dominic: There are Princes who are greater threats than she is. Abiressia will be dealt with in her turn. I've heard him called a hyena. It's meant as an insult, but uttered by those who don't appreciate what a powerful predator the hyena really is. Dominic is dangerous, never forget that.

Eli: Abiressia? Oh, yeah, she throws great parties. I've met him. I don't understand him. I certainly can't fathom his instincts. This disturbs me.

Gabriel: Should she be punished with the cruel? Then she will be punished. Otherwise, why should I know of her? I... avoid... Gabriel. You needn't concern yourself with why.

Janus: Claws can't rend the wind. Fangs can't bite the wind. Stripes can't hide from the wind. She can't touch me, and she can't escape me, and she knows that. Janus is as primal as David and far less predictable. And so like Valefor, my favorite Prince! Mmmm, I wonder...

Jean: In her quest to sabotage Vapula's operations, she sometimes hits one of mine by mistake. She has proven to be an annoyance. He is just like Vapula, only more civilized. And that's a fault as far as I'm concerned.

Jordi: I feel her presence, the irritating burr of her Word against mine. Someday when I don't have more important things to deal with, I will scratch that itch until it itches no more. I may act on instinct, but I'm no fool. I'm not ready to handle Jordi... yet.

Khalid: The beasts of the field have no faith, nor do they need it. But she would make a mere beast out of Man, and that is contrary to God's will. Religion is just one more crutch that Humans rely on instead of trusting their instincts. Khalid keeps the breed weak.

Laurence: She has no honor and denies its value. So be it -- put her Servitors down as you would rabid dogs. Honor is another way to respect the natural order. Laurence just cares too much for artificial rules instead of focusing on the natural, instinctive rules as I do. The weak are supposed to fear -- and feed -- the strong.

Litheroy: I part the tall grass and reveal the stalker to her prey. The Princess of the Wild has no power where I hold sway. Revelation is a nuisance to those who stalk and ambush, but those who live by instinct have no other secrets to keep. Litheroy will never be more than a nuisance to me.

Marc: I stay out of her jungle, she stays out of mine. It's a fair trade. I have my agents in the concrete jungle, but legal eagles and corporate sharks are creatures beyond my ken. Leave them to Marc.

Michael: She's all about results and the most efficient means to an end. She'd be almost respectable if she wasn't Fallen. You know where you stand with Michael -- in the center of a bullseye.

Novalis: She's vicious without really being cruel, and nurtures without really being compassionate. Her idea of nature really is a mother. I value Novalis highly. Without something to feed the prey, there would be nothing to feed the predators.

Raziel: No thought, all action -- easy to misdirect. In her desire to be ruled by instinct, she forgets how easily instincts can be fooled. If he's not a Superior, he's prey rather than predator.

Vocatiel: All those voices, so little to say. What a sadly limited being. Whenever Haagenti works up the nerve to dine on Archangel, I'll be happy to help him hunt this pathetic piece of soul-meat.

Yves: Not as big a threat as she would like to think, but she's more than bad enough. Why should I concern myself with a tired old thing who never fights? The aged are easy prey.

Zadkiel: (smiling wickedly) I can't help wondering when Jordi's going to show her who the real alpha is. I plan a lingering agony for Zadkiel, and each victim that she snatches from my jaws adds another decade to the time that she will suffer it. Of course I'm following my instincts when I say that -- have you ever seen a cat play with a mouse?


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