Belial, Calabite Prince of Fire (Alternate)

By Rolland Therrien


The world is fuel, and must be consumed by the flames. So that not but Ash remain in Lucifer's name

There is a reason Hell is associated with flames: Belial is that reason.

All the Princes originally named by Lucifer hold a position of Importance in the First Balseraph's court: Asmodeus is Lucifer's spymaster, Baal his general, Kronos his grand vizir, and Kobal his jester. Thus, one might wonder: What is Belial's purpose in Hell?

The answer is simple: Belial is Lucifer's personal Hit Man.

Well, the actual term in Demonic is hard to translate, as it combines "Assassin", "Executionner", "Tormentor", "Terrorizer" and "Sadist", all in one. Simply put, Belial is the guy who does Lucifer's "Dirty Work" for him. Whenever Lucifer wants someone dead, whenever he wants a Tether destroyed, whenever he wants someone to suffer, Infernal Fire is assigned that task, and one of Belial's Servitors gleefully goes out to torture, destroy and kill in the name of Hell.

This direction in life is a result of Belial's obsession with claiming the Word of Fire all for himself, an obsession which he held since his days in Heaven, when he sided with Lucifer for the promise of the Word of Fire. Lucifer kept his promise as best he could, and in return, Belial has kept his loyalty to Lucifer, becoming the First Balseraph's personal scourge.

He has modeled himself and his Word to become a dark, twisted mockery of everything Gabriel stands for: Where she is Energy, he is Entropy. Where she is a light of hope, He is a flame of despair. Where she delivers God's bright messages, he delivers Lucifer's dark warnings. Where she punishes the Cruel, he harms all with equal cruelty.

Every now and then, Lucifer requires Belial himself to go out and kill for Hell. Oannes, the Archangel of Water's death, was one such task. After Vephar was killed, Lucifer decided to send a warning to Heaven about the price of killing a Prince, and had Belial murder the Archangel. It was about this time that Gabriel's rage aimed at Belial began grating at her. Belial has, thus far, avoided direct confrontation with the Ofanite Archangel, and has executed a War of Nerves against her, to drive her insane enough to send her running at him madly... at which point Belial will be waiting for her with everything he has to throw at her, before taking out the physically, mentally and spiritually weakened Gabriel.

It matters little to Belial how long it takes him to destroy her... a slow burn is just as good as a quick explosion, to him.


Demons of Fire, once sent on an assignment, can not afford to fail. They gain a note of dissonance everytime an attempt at destroying a target fails. Multiple failures will accumulate dissonance, which encourages the Demons to not fail. In fact, dissonance- and Discord-ridden Fire Demons are often made targets themselves, as object lessons.

Band Attunements

Balseraphs: Balseraphs of Fire specialize in though patsies and other third parties. They gain an Ethereal Force bonus at using their resonance to convince a subject to kill or destroy through Fire.

Djinn: Djinn of Fire can freely harm their subjects of attunement, but only if they use heat and fire. Using any means other than Fire causes Band dissonance, however. They tend to take their times, observing their targets for months at a time, studying their every detail before striking with vicious precision.

Calabim: Unchanged from canon.

Habbalah: Rather then convince people they're on Fire, Punishers of Fire get a Bonus equal to their Celestial Forces to impose the burning passion of Fury on their targets. They often use their Resonnance to cause a living target to engage in self-destructive behavior.

Lilim: Unchanged from canon. Lilim of Belial, when not on specific assignments themselves, tend to serve as Fixers, getting other Fire Demons what they need, when they need it, in exchange for the usual favors.

Shedim: Unchanged from canon.

Impudites: Unchanged from canon. They're always on the lookout for arsonists to recruit for Belial.

Servitor Attunements

Incendiary: Unchanged from canon.

Firewalker: Unchanged from canon.


Knight of the Infernal Furnaces: Unchanged from canon.

Captain of the Eternal Flame: Unchanged from canon.

Baron of the Demonic Brazier: Unchanged from canon.


Allied: Baal
Associated: Asmodeus, Vapula
Hostile: Andrealphus, Haagenti, Kobal, Valefor
Enemy: No one

Basic Rites

Chance of Invocation: 1. Belial is a busy Prince.

Invocation Modifiers

+1 A match
+2 A Molotov cocktail
+3 A pipe bomb
+4 Fifteen gallons of gasoline
+5 A powerful incendiary device
+6 A skyscraper on fire


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