Consider Hardcore

By Rolland Therrien


"Lucifer's got big things planned for me. I can just feel it in my F---ing bones.

"And the funniest part is, when I tried to con him into making me the Prince of Rock and Roll, I was honestly half ready to get my Forces torn to the winds. I knew I was taking a huge risk, but the way I saw it, it was either get stuck with a Dead-End word for the rest of my existance, working for a boss I absolutly hated, or take the risk of either getting soul-killed or worst, and make the gamble to become a Prince by calling upon Lucifer himself... And THEN getting Soul-Killed.

"And you know what? In the process, I unwittingly demonstrated the true nature of Hardcore. It's about not giving a damn about the consequences, about acting on those dark, negative Impulses that come to you at the last moment, pushing you to the Edge and Beyond...

"I didn't understand until after he'd left, but he'd seen the raw potential in my word. Hardcore isn't about Riots and Vandalism and Senseless Violence... Even those are all part of it. Hardcore is basically about making buddies with your Id and telling your Super-Ego to go F--- itself. It's about obeying your darkest, most perverted impulses, and following them wherever they take you, not for riches or fame... but just for the thrill of the Dark Ride.

"Hardcore is when some thrill-chasers sneak into a peaceful protest, and start some rucus, turning it into a violent rock-chucking slugfest. It's when a hen-pecked husband, after spending the night getting stone drunk, finally decides to show his wife who's the F---ing boss by beating her up with his old baseball bat. It's when a kid finally gets F---ing tired of getting ignored and mocked in school, and walks into the cafeteria with his father's old rifle...

"I've heard all the stories about those old Fart Princes of Corruption, like Bitchy Beelzebub and Legion the Lame. But you know what? I ain't impressed. Not one F---ing bit. I mean, let's face it... They all bought the farm, one way or another, didn't they? This is Do or Die, and those wankers were both diers. Beelzebub was such a desperate loser, he kept probing his Servitors for any sign of possible redemption, and just kept moaning about how he'd build a better Heaven with his towers of Gold and &#!+. And Legion? HAH! Don't make me laugh... Mr "We-Are-Legion-you-will-be-assimilated"'s biggest accomplishment was taking out the Archangel of Knowledge as he got F---ed up! Some Friggin Achievement!

"Now, me, I'm playing it smart: Who cares about towers of Gold and promises of earthly rewards and all that pathetic Bull----? What's the fun in turning the whole world into "Planet of the Zombies"? It's all about getting the Mortals to want to act Evil, just for the Hell of It. Hell is Hardcore, and I'm here to teach the Humans how to get their tickets for the Baddest Place in the Symphony.

"I tell you... Once I really get things going, they'll stand up and take notice of me. They thought Beelzebub, the Prince of Corruption was something? Wait 'till they get a load of Me..."


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