Conside the Freaks

By Anthony Damiani


Considering the archangels, are we today, hmmm?

My, my. How philosophical. How charming of you to take an interest in a subject of such obvious personal interest to me. Allow me, my friend, to give you the insider's perspective, as it were?

When it all boils out, they're freaks and madmen. Every last living one of them. Each of them is unable to see anything beyond their own narrow, myopic little world view. Now, naturally, all angels are a little bent to begin with -- it does something to a being, beleiving yourself nothing more than the implement of God's will... twists a being about inside. But the Archangels are worse. Do you understand what it means to be bound to a word in the symphony? The bond that Superiors feel is stronger. And they exist solely in the light of this word -- forever.

To David, the world is solid, unchanging, eternal. To Janus, the essence of virtue is change. Clearly, the truth lies in between, but neither of them will ever truly glimpse it. Jordi wallows in his animal squalor, and seems to believe that by viewing humans as insignificant, he can somehow make up for neglect of the animal kingdom by the part of the others. Lawrence is a two-thousand year old child, desperately attempting to fill boots he'll never fit, a hired sword seeking to wield an army. Dominic keeps exerting excessive vigilance as though it will atone for a single error at the dawn of time. Both see the world in pure black and white terms, ignoring both the grey and the glorious, glorious color. The list goes on...

Ah! But by now you'll be thinking that I'm biased on account of my affiliation! Oh, no, my dear. Nothing could be further from the truth! I am an objective observer of their many, many flaws.

Consider Haagenti, who sees the world as some sort of delicacy to be consumed, and who is painfully bitter and scarred by long gone trauma and swears vengeance in absence of all reason. Or consider Kobal, for whom even the most profound and solemn revelation is but a senseless gag? Andrealphus for whom nothing beyond the stimulus of his senses truly exists, and who obsessively hurts those close to him, to prove to himself that he does not care. Lilith's usurious mercenary manner, seeing everything in terms of price? In Saminga's mad, sick, self-absorbed little world, he imagines himsef the king of hell and the only force in the universe. Kronos? Like Yves, obsessed with the extreme possible outcomes, but the very existence of both Heaven and Hell, proves that neither of them can truly be right.

What kind of sick twisted beings are these princes of the symphony? Do you see why we must oppose them? They're all so small, so incapable of understanding the true nature of the symphony. But not you. Oh, my dear, dear friend, not you. You and I-- we're a different breed.... special. We alone can see the truth.

From the beginning, this was His Plan. God let the symphony be divided into sides. A multiplicity of perspectives, none of them completely true, struggling, contending to be right, none of them truly able to understand. The Rebellion proves it-- the very nature of the world isn't a pristine and indivisible truth, it is the essence of plurality. Let a hundred flowers bloom? Yes, let a hundred schools of thought contend!

A human said that, you know.

You see, the Archangels and the Demon Princes-- their limitation is that they're so terribly small, yes? They see the symphony through lenses tinted by their own nature, so in the end, all they ever see is themselves. We are better than them because we can see both sides of the coin. We know that the sum all of being can't be distilled to simple, self-absorbed statement imparting some all-transcendent meaning.

Just remember, though that there are only two kinds of people in this world -- people, like us, who understand, and people like them who never will. Most things tend to boil down like that, don't they?

Us and them.


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