Kochab, Renegade Calabite Prince of Constellations

By Erich S. Arendall


The world is written not in Heaven, but in the heavens, in the stars.

Kochab began as a servitor of Vephar, Angel of Sailors and, in turn, Oannes, Archangel of the Waters. While Vephar instructed humans on the basic tenets of ship-building and sailing, Kochab taught them the importance of the stars and how to guide themselves through the seas by them. Around the same time the Lightbringer was sowing the seeds of rebellion amongst the angels Kochab was gaining the word of Navigation. The rebellion came as a complete shock to the recently-Worded Ofanite and he fought along-side his Archangel against his former superior, who he once called friend.

Kochab returned to his duties as the Angel of Navigation, helping man name constellations to guide them by in the night. While he would assist angels in their attempts at thwarting demons, Kochab felt pangs of guilt when one of his former compatriots was returned to Hell. When Vephar was slain, Kochab wept. When Oannes was slain, Kochab rejected the War and became an Outcast.

During his self-imposed exile on earth, Kochab became fascinated with the powers humans were putting in the stars, the idea of the zodiac. He ignored the pangs of dissonance that came from neglecting his Word and eventually Fell.

Eagerly trying to build their forces Kochab was taken in by Hell and promoted to Superior status by Lucifer, who thought he had found his replacement for Vephar. Kochab was given the Word of Constellations. That which turned the former Wheel into a demon would also sway mankind away from God, proving that the Prince of Darkness was right all along.

Kochab worked dutifully, promoting the power of the zodiac and fortune-telling based on the stars. While most Word-bound are concentrated on their word, Kochab was consumed by it. He ceased any activities that he did not feel were written in the stars, to the dismay of many of the Horde.

Eventually, and rumored to be led by the stars, Kochab simply disappeared from Hell. Some servitors likewise renegaded, thinking their Prince to have read something in the stars that they missed, but most were either vanquished by The Game or transferred to other Princes.

Kochab spends most of his time in the Far Marches, these days, searching for the Ethereals that represented the constellations, especially Gemini, his own sign. The few demons who still remain loyal to him are offered no reprieve by the Host or the Horde. Hidden, the spread to words about what the stars have in line for them and offer encouragement, claiming all will be made right when the Age of Aquarius is in its height.


It is dissonant for a demon of Constellations to scoff astrology, no matter how foolish the prediction might be, unless the prediction is made as a mockery itself. Further, each of Kochab's servitors must read their horoscopes daily and try to ensure that their day is as the stars write it.

Band Attunements

There are few demons of Kochab these days, most of the remaining loyalists have been slain and new demons are only created when the stars write it to be so - which, of course, is quite rare.

Balseraphs (Restricted): These Liars may, with a successful resonance roll, force a victim to obsess about their horoscope for CD days.

Djinn (Restricted): Kochab's Djinn know the correct reading of the stars for any item they are attuned to.

Calabim (Restricted): Calabim of Constellations are as attuned to the zodiac as they are entropy. The stars and the soul are tied together and the Destroyers can see that. If they chose, they may use their natural resonance to cause Soul damage rather than harming the Body.

Habbalah (Restricted): Habbalah serving Kochab can look into the night sky and accurately predict their horoscope for a number of days into the future equal to their Ethereal Forces. These usually obtuse messages, filled with symbolism and metaphors, have caused most of the Punishers to leave the service of Kochab.

Lilim: There are no Lilim of Constellations. Lilith simply would not place her creations in such a dangerous position, and those that were his when he renegaded simply had their Geases pulled and were placed in somewhat safer situations.

Shedim (Restricted): These Corrupters may enter a host seriously reading his star charts or examining the heavens without a Will roll.

Impudites (Restricted): The Impudites of Constellations can look into a person's eyes and know their "sign", how it relates to the person's personality, and how well it coincides with their own sign.

Servitor Attunements

When You Wish...: Demons with this attunement may make a wish upon a star for a single corporeal item and have it appear beside them. The items cost an expenditure of 1 Essence for each half-pound the item weighs.

Stargazing: This attunement allows the demon to become invisible while 50% of his form is against the night sky. He may be seen as a somewhat blurred or inconsistent form with a successful Perception roll, minus the demon's Ethereal Forces. Each level of dissonance within the demon adds to the ease of being spotted.


Kochab offers no distinctions, nor did he grant any before his self-imposed exile.


Strangely enough, due to the signs of the other Princes (or their rising signs), Kochab finds himself incompatible with any of the other demons. Asmodeus is offering rewards for accurate sightings of the Renegade Prince.




+1 With an printing of Kochab's horoscope for that day
+2 In an empty field with a sky full of stars
+3 By a shelf of books on the stars and their mystic principles


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