Novalis, Djinn Princess of Lust

By Richard Drysdale


The world is full of wants and needs that control it. Is that really such a bad thing?


After the Fall, one went willing into exile with the failed rebels and chose to accompany them to comfort them as best she could.

In the timeless period locked in with the followers of the Lightbringer, the methods for giving that comfort changed gradually as did the reasons for give it.

When the First Incursion finally happened, many in Heaven were appaled at what had become of the once pure and shining Novalis..


In general, Novalis acts slowly. She is willing to bide her time and let things move into position before steping in for the "kill". The desires and needs of others are the leash by which she slowly binds them, snaring them and rotting away other connections through abandonment or disgust.

As befits a Djinn, Novalis is extremely possessive of her Servitors yet is remarkably tolerant of them at times. She will listen to them up until the point that she makes a ruling, but her desisions are final. This attitude combined with the effect her very presence can have on most Celestials means that there are surprisingly few defections or Redemptions from her Servitors.

Conversely, she takes betrayal as a personal insult and those who do so become targets for soul killing over almost any other goal.

In the general activities of the War, Novalis' Servitors tend not to be on the front lines but instead act like a slow rot that contaminates everything that it touches. Often, by the time you realise on is there they have already taken control of key figures who now need them so much...


While Novalis lets her Servitors to enjoy themselves, she frowns on those whose enjoyment breaks that which is her own property.

It is dissonant for a Servitor of Lust to kill or strip a Force from any other servent of Lust without having been given permission by Novalis.

Choir Attunements

Balseraphs: Said to be the most imaginative lovers in Hell, these Balseraphs have mastered the art of the bending the truth in those areas which fall under the domain of Lust.

These Liars may add their Etherial Forces to any roll to persaude or convince someone that some aspect of a errotic or sexual encounter is a good thing. This can apply to anything from explaining why it is okay to cheat on a partner, to persuading someone that trying out those bondage handcuffs for a while is a good idea.

Djinn (Partially Restricted): The Djinn of Lust find it amusing that they can reverse the normal progression of things, making their victims come to them.

They may add their Corporeal Forces to any check which causes physical pleasure to another, whether it be a massage or more initimate pursuits. Anyone to who they are attuned treats their touch as a Moderately Addictive drug.

Those who are not Stalkers and who are granted this attunement merely gain the bonus to appropriate checks.

Calabim (Restricted): Although having little use for Calabim in general, Novalis does have a few more subtle examples of the Band in her service.

Those Calabim of Lust with this attunement can cause pleasurable pain, letting their lust for destruction seep into a victim. Any time that they deliberately hurt or injure an individual, they can make it register as a pleasurable sensation instead.

Habbalah (Partially Resitricted): Someone viewing a Habbalite of Lust may find their bodies betraying them, their good sense overwhelmed by the raw desire one of these Punishers can put forth.

Those with this band attunement may add their Celestial Forces to any attempt to arouse or cause lust in someone. Additionally, the Habbalah may harmlessly ignore the effects of the Lust being projected at them, either from another Punisher or from the backlash of their own Resonance.

Other Servitors of Lust may gain this attunement, but they only receive the bonus to appropriate rolls.

Lilim (Restricted): Where the Punishers of Lust are raw furnances of desire, the Lilim in service to Lust have simply set their hooks in the libido of those around them.

The Tempters with this attunment may attempt to detect any lustful Needs without eye contact and may add the value of the highest level Geas or Geas-hook they have on someone to the successful CD of Fast Talk, reaction or Seduction rolls aimed at them.

Shedim: Through long experience with a variety of bodies, Shedim of Lust have learn how to make the most unnatural situations erotic. They may attempt to seduce anyone, regardless of circumstances or the other parties normal preferences, and indeed is often used by the Corruptors to degrade both their host and the one they seduce.

This band attunement is often handed out to experienced Servitors of Lust as a reward for good service.

Impudites (Restricted): Those humans who have had sex with an Impudite of Lust often feel that it leaves them feeling drained...

Takers of Lust automatically succeed in resonance rolls to take Essence from someone they have had just has sex with, without having to Charm them first. Roll anyway for the CD of this attempt and possible Interventions

Servitor Attunements

Promises, Promises: By touching a target and spending one Essence, a single fact, duty or promise can be rendered irrelevent as compared to any pleasurable distraction.

The victim may resist with a Will roll and the effect lasts for the demon's Ethereal Forces in hours. After the duration ends, the relevent peice of information resumes its normal importance if it is thought about or brought up.

Just Walkin' Down the Street: By spending one Essence, the demon can attract lustful attention to everybody within one hundred yards of an individual they can even if that person is doing something as mundane as simply walking down a street.

Anybody within the area may resist the urge to look with a Will roll and their attention does not nessisarily remain caught unless there is somethign worthy of it.

Unchained Urges: By spending three Essence, the demon can invoke the lust in the heart of a person they touch. This is treated as though the victim had the Lustful Discord at a level equal to their Celestial Forces.

This lasts for hours equal to the demon's Celestial Forces and is not resisted, even though the effects of the pseudo-Discord may be resisted normally.


Knight of Hidden Desires: The demon can detect with a glance whom an individual lusts after most and what they would be willing to do at most in order to have that lust fufilled.

Captain of Poetry in Motion: Every aspect of a Captain of Lust brings to mind primal desires, attracting the eyes and make other more helpul towards them. They gain two "virtual" levels of Charisma which do not count against the normal limits of how many level of Charisma one may have.

These levels of Charisma apply equally to all Vessels the demon might have as well as their Celestial form.

Baron of Tangled Heart Strings: The Barons of Lust can perform the Ethereal Song of Attraction at no Essence cost. Additionally, the effects of the Song will last for CD in days.


Allied: Nybbas (Nybbas is Allied with Novalis.)
Associated: Malphas, Valefor (Malpahs, Lilith and Valefor are Assosiated towards Novalis.)
Neutral: All the others, except... (Haagenti, Kobal, Kronos and Vapula are Neutral towards Novalis.)
Hostile: Beleth, Haagenti (Asmodeus, Baal, Belial and Beleth are Hostile to Novalis)
Enemy: Saminga (Saminga is an Enemy of Novalis)

Basic Rites

Chance of Invocation: 4

Invocation Modifiers

+1: Someone else with the Lustful Discord.
+2: The victim of a sex crime who blames themself.
+3: Ten people lusting after a single individual.
+4: An "casting couch" which is in use.
+5: A fight to the death over the "affections" of another.
+6: Monica Lewinski's famous dress.


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