Pazuzu, Shedite Princess of Plagues

By Michael Walton


The world is evil. It must be punished.

Pazuzu was created as a Kyriotate of Fire, but she heeded the words of the Lightbringer and Fell during his rebellion. She served Belial for centuries without particular distinction -- she never found the infernal Word of Fire much to her liking. When Saminga was elevated to Princedom, Pazuzu transferred to the service of Death. That is where the Shedite found her true calling. As an angel of Fire, Pazuzu punished the cruel. As a demon of Death, she recaptured some of her former glory by killing evil Humans. Even then, it was evident to everyone except for Pazuzu and her Superior that she was quite mad. Which probably explains why Saminga showed her such favor.

During a tour of duty in the Middle East, Pazuzu perfected her technique of finding corruptible individuals, inciting them to kill criminals and then possessing the resulting corpses. She made sure that her pawns were all devoutly religious. This earned her the ire of the Archangel of Faith. It also attracted the attention of an angel of Fire named Murad. This latter proved to be her undoing. Murad knew that he wasn't powerful enough to take Pazuzu on alone but he lacked angelic support. Instead, he found a group of Humans and recruited them into the War. While Murad used Songs of Forbidding to keep the demon from fleeing into a different Host, his Soldiers riddled the animated corpse with Songs and gunfire while the mundane agents fortified Murad with Essence. The Shedite was finally forced to abandon her Host, at which point Murad beat her down in celestial combat. Pazuzu, minus a few Forces, drifted down to Hell and was severely punished by Saminga as soon as she recovered from Trauma.

The unfairness of it all rang in Pazuzu's shattered mind. Why should she be punished? She had done God's will -- she knew it was in the Divine plan that the cruel should suffer. It wasn't her fault that the angel cheated. For years she pondered the injustice as she slaved away in the Soul Yards. Then it dawned on her -- she was suffering justly! Pazuzu had rarely lifted her hand against women or children, yet women and children sinned. She had never punished a member of the clergy, but they were even more prone to hypocrisy than laymen. She had even stayed her hand when a subject repented, thereby refusing to carry out God's just sentence. Pazuzu realized that she was being punished for showing mercy. The revelation that people should be punished not for what they did but for what they were going to do was the most profound insight of all. Pazuzu fell to what passed for her knees right there in the Yards and began singing praises to the God of righteous cleansing wrath. Other demons edged away from her nervously, but nobody wanted to miss the show of this crazy Shedite being blasted out of existence. Just before the overseer arrived to destroy Pazuzu, Lucifer himself happened to stroll by. He heard her singing and, intrigued, examined her more closely. Then he smiled and said, "Arise, Princess of Plagues. Go forth and smite the wicked that the righteous might prosper." Pazuzu's joy knew no bounds -- her holy mission was endorsed by the Archangel of Light himself! She immediately went about the business of recruiting Servitors and setting up her Principality. Now, at the dawn of the new millennium, she is ready to usher in a new age of righteousness.

Pazuzu is a classic Shedite, albeit with Habbalite tendencies. She most frequently appears as a womanlike figure made of buzzing insects. If she has to blend in and be completely humanoid, she usually takes the form of an ugly old woman. Her Word encompasses all manner of disease but also includes plagues of Biblical proportions. Pazuzu has learned to make such things look like natural disasters, but she looks forward to the day when the need for stealth is past and the servants of God will walk the Earth openly. Only then will the world finally be made clean.


Servitors of Plagues cannot show mercy to those who are condemned to suffer; once sentence has been passed, it must be carried out. Repentance is desirable, but it's not enough to turn aside God's righteous wrath. It doesn't matter if the target is too strong -- that just means that the demon must employ other means to achieve the goal.

Targets of Plagues must also know that their suffering is the will of God. It is Dissonant for Pazuzu's demons to punish evil without telling their victims that they deserve to suffer (and preferably why). Whether the punishment is for actual or potential sins is irrelevant.

Band Attunements

All of Pazuzu's demons are attuned to some type of sin and have a special way to use their Resonance for punishing sinners. The detection aspects don't work on Celestials or Ethereals, but the Resonance aspects do. All of these Attunements are Partially Restricted.

Balseraphs: A Balseraph of Plagues knows liars, hypocrites and egomaniacs by the sound of their voices; the sinner's words are accompanied by the buzzing of flies. The demon can use his Resonance to make someone experience the symptoms of any disease that the Liar has knowledge of.

Djinn: Pazuzu's Djinn are attuned to laziness and apathy; they see these sins as a gray haze around the sinner. When they Attune to someone who has a communicable disease, they become carriers of that illness and can pass it on normally.

Calabim: Destroyers who serve Pazuzu can detect the wrathful. The taste of bile floods the demon's mouth when a violent person draws near and gets stronger as that person gets closer. At the Calabite's option, his Resonance may inflict damage at the rate of one Hit per hour as if the target were in the grip of a virulent disease. Medical treatment can halt the damage if the physician makes a Medicine roll to correctly diagnose the disease (each victim will suffer a different malady). This use of destructive Resonance creates no Disturbance.

Habbalah: A Habbalah of Plagues knows the greedy by the cold that washes over the demon whenever she touches such a person. These Punishers can use their Resonance to inflict mental illness on their victims (a phobia or mania of the demon's choice). Insanity imposed in this manner has the normal duration for Habbalite-inflicted emotions.

Lilim: Those who are prone to envy and jealousy can't hide from Pazuzu's Lilim. The demon sees a green glow emanating from the eyes of these people. After fulfilling a sin-related Need, Pazuzu's Tempters can strike their victims blind instead of Geasing them. This lasts for a number of weeks equal to the level of Geas that the Lilim could've imposed. If the Tempter ever accumulates a total of Geas levels greater than twice the victim's total Forces, she can forfeit them all to render her target permanently blind! Note that this blindness is not Discord; when used on Celestials and Ethereals, it only effects the target's current Vessel. Lilim-imposed blindness can be cured with the Corporeal Song of Healing, but only with a CD at least equal to the demon's Celestial Forces.

Shedim: Just to prove that she has a sense of irony, Pazuzu sends the Fleshless to punish sins of the flesh. Shedim of Plagues see a pinkish aura around the lustful. The aura is streaked with black in those who carry sexually transmitted diseases. Any Mortal who has sex with the Shedite will automatically contract any STD carried by the Host.

Impudites: Takers of Plagues can tell a glutton by his carrion odor. Instead of charming their victims, they may use their Resonance to make someone violently ill. This nausea imposes a penalty equal to the CD of the Resonance roll on all tests and lasts for a number of minutes equal to the demon's Corporeal Forces. On an Intervention favorable to the demon, the target is completely incapacitated (i.e. too sick to move).

Servitor Attunements

Evil Eye: The demon can afflict someone with bad luck by making eye contact, succeeding on a Will roll and spending 1-3 Essence (in that order). The victim suffers a penalty on all rolls equal to the Essence spent for a number of hours equal to the CD of the Will roll times the demon's Celestial Forces. The target of the Evil Eye can resist with a Will roll, to which Celestials and Ethereals add their Celestial Forces. Humans with the Blessed Advantage are immune to this power.

Fleshcraft: This Attunement allows the demon to use the Celestial Song of Form on someone else (the demon must learn the Song normally). Fleshcraft can also be used to add or subtract up to two levels of Charisma or negative Charisma at the cost of 1 Essence. Using this power on one of the Damned while in Hell costs no Essence, and the effect is permanent.

Wages of Sin: By spending 1 Essence and succeeding on a Perception roll, the demon can find out what level of punishment would be just if the subject of inquiry had met his Fate (the person being read need not have met his Fate). This Attunement tells the user how badly the person deserves to be punished, not what he deserves punishment for.


Knight of Vermin: The demon can cause an area the size of a single-story house to be infested with small creatures for (total Forces) days. Rodents and insects are the preferred pests, but arachnids, reptiles and frogs have also been used.

Captain of Wormwood: With a touch, Pazuzu's Captains can render (total Forces x 100) gallons of water undrinkable. The effected water changes color -- usually to deep red -- to signify its unhealthy state.

Baron of Pestilence: A Baron of Plagues can extend the effects of either of Pazuzu's lesser Distinctions over an entire city. Pazuzu only has three Barons as of this writing, all of whom earned her favor by soul-killing Word-bound angels of Fire.

Higher Distinctions

Pazuzu offers the standard Higher Distinctions from Hell's peerage system; she has no special ones of her own, nor does she feel that a truly dedicated Servitor would need them.

Basic Rites

Chance of Invocation: 2

Pazuzu expects her Servitors to be self-sufficient. She is busy doing God's work.

Invocation Modifiers

+1: Surrounded by vermin
+2: A glass of polluted water
+3: A freshly punished sinner
+4: A being afflicted with a virulent disease
+5: A vial of rare plague germs
+6: A piece of the star Wormwood


Pazuzu is not at all popular in Hell except with Habbalah (who share her delusion of serving God) and Saminga (who recognizes her as a kindred spirit). The other Princes know that she is dangerously insane -- but they have varying opinions on how useful her insanity is.

Allied: Saminga
Associated: Furfur, Vapula
Neutral: Everyone else except...
Hostile: Andrealphus, Fleurity, Haagenti, Lilith
Enemy: Nybbas (Nybbas considers her an associate)

Demon Princes

Alaemon: No subtlety, no finesse. She hides nothing, and thus proves her incompetence. A skulking worm who fears to do the work of God openly. When the time comes, he will be punished like any other sinner.

Andrealphus: A crashing bore. Her only value is in proving that there are worse things than Saminga. Andrealphus encourages sin and makes my work harder. If not for his demons' skill in identifying a particular kind of sinner, I would have nothing to do with him.

Asmodeus: Dealing with her is unpleasant, but she is most useful when it comes to controlling Human opinions about the Host. He punishes demons as I punish mortals. I am glad that someone watches the watchers.

Baal: The enemy doesn't know what to make of her, and a confused enemy is vulnerable. The fact that she's useful doesn't mean that I like her, though. Why does Baal waste time and energy in conflict with angels? Our place is to keep Humans in line. His power would be better spent elsewhere.

Beleth: Humans have delicious nightmares about the kinds of things that she does, but she lacks finesse. The body can only be broken once, the mind can be broken every night. She hides in dreams because she's afraid to come out and deal with the real world. I do not fear her.

Belial: She appreciates the many ways in which flesh can burn. I just don't know why she sees it as a chore instead of just sitting back and enjoying it. He understands half the equation -- that the flesh must be mortified. The reasons why escape him utterly. His Band and his Word limit him, I'm afraid.

Fleurity: Pazuzu has no use for me, and I have none for her. So much sin is committed either to get drugs or under their influence. Like Andrealphus, Fleurity creates work for me.

Furfur: She lays waste to whole families and entire towns. Now that's hardcore! He punishes infidels with a zeal that mirrors my own. I approve.

Haagenti: She makes people waste food and drink. Ugh! Consider the locust, who serves my Word by serving Haagenti's. If Haagenti were more like the locust, we would get along.

Kobal: "Pestiwence. Pestiwence is what bwings us togevah today." Oh, the material I get from this chick... she's irreplaceable. Don't ever change, baby. A babbling buffoon with no respect for God's holy work. I refuse to dignify him with a response.

Kronos: What an ironic Fate she has met -- and what Fates she brings others to. She serves Hell beautifully. He understands that sinners deserve to be punished. What's more, he understands that all Humans are sinners. I gladly deliver the unrighteous into his hands.

Lilith: She lacks style and substance. Like Saminga, only more so. Her scruples are for sale and her principles are negotiable. She is flawed and immoral, a typical example of her breed.

Malphas: She's smarter than Saminga -- no surprise there -- but she's got lots more buttons to push. Aiming her at your enemies is almost too easy. Malphas helps me by preventing the sinful from banding together. Lone targets are easier to pick off. He is no friend, though, for he also prevents the righteous from working together.

Mammon: She's in my way! Who tries to make money when they're worried about survival? My Punishers work directly against Mammon's Word, and he resents that. But I'm doing God's work -- let him stay out of my way.

Nybbas: Religious people have a serious image problem. We have Pazuzu and folks like her to thank for that. Thanks to them, sin is in! Nybbas mocks me openly, and thereby mocks God. For this he will pay.

Saminga: She kills many and makes more suffer. At last, a Prince whom I can respect, perhaps even admire! My teacher, my friend, he who showed me to the light. Saminga deserves my love more than any save God and the Lightbringer.

Valefor: She's nuts. And not in a good way. Valefor punishes sinners by taking away their goods. That's useful, but it's hardly punishment enough for most. I steal their health, their well-being, their very lives. Tell me, who is the greater thief?

Vapula: Her devotion to God is admirable, and the value of her demons in field testing new germs is beyond measure. Someday Vapula will concoct a plague that will wipe the world clean of sinners. I pray that I get my hands on it before his resolve wavers.


Blandine: I pity this poor, sick, hopeless creature. Blandine is the worst kind of angel -- her world is sugar coated with no torments for evildoers. Let them have solace when they sleep, then, I'll still make their waking lives a nightmare.

Christopher: In her twisted little mind the most innocent child deserves the same torment as a child molesting monster. May her own plagues consume her! There are two kinds of sinners -- those who have sinned already and those who are going to sin. Christopher looks after the second kind until I get around to them.

David: The only good thing about her is that she sometimes brings communities together. One of her plagues is as good as a common enemy. I curse David and his schemes to strengthen sinners against my punishments. It would be better if they yielded to God's will without a fight.

DominicDominic judges, I punish. Why does he not work with me?

Eli: Pazuz-who? Eli's creations have proven to be as flawed as his shattered mind. His time is past. Now is the time that I will cleanse the world, that creation may be done over in God's true image.

Gabriel: She makes a mockery of my mission -- but sometimes she gets one right. I don't interfere with her when that happens. Gabriel should go back to providing inspiration and leave demons' work to demons.

Janus: She's just a bush league Saminga. Not worth my time. Eh. Valefor with better manners.

Jean: If she were more effective, I would have to engineer her downfall. Fortunately, I believe that she'll do that on her own. Do you have any idea what sorts of things Jean has in his labs? The Fallen from his ranks have told me of plagues that even I have never dreamed of. Jean is a demon in disguise, I'm sure of it.

Jordi: Plague is an effective way to thin the herd. If she uses the tool correctly, she is no threat. His Word and mine do not overlap. I leave him alone and he does the same for me.

Khalid: She believes. Such a shame that she believes in the wrong God. He and I are both bastions of faith surrounded by faithless allies. I don't understand why Khalid doesn't side with me.

Laurence: What do I think of Pazuzu? Her mockery of the Church is intolerable, and has earned her a place on the list. Yes, that list. Laurence defends the Church from the corruption that comes from outside. I defend it from corruption that comes from within. We complement each other whether he admits it or not.

Litheroy: Some see the light, others are blinded by it. Pazuzu is one of the latter. Would that Litheroy might shine the light of holy revelation everywhere, that all may see the glory of God that I have seen. His dereliction of duty is why there is a need for me.

Marc: It is Dissonant for my Choir to use violence as a first resort. Killing her might be worth it. Marc and his angels are harmless, and so I ignore them.

Michael: A distasteful creature whose main value is the effectiveness with which she divides Hell. Plague and War are half of the Apocalypse. Michael is in denial about being my ally.

Novalis: She is beyond the Pale. Weak, unfaithful, ally to iniquity! Novalis is the worst example of an angel who has left the true path of God.

Yves: She can still be Redeemed, but the cost would be dear. And there are reasons for not paying it. They say that Yves knows all. If that is true, then he should tell the rest of us so that we can end this stupid war and get on with the business of punishing sinners! Slackers disgust me.

Zadkiel: Vaccines and antitoxins fall under my Word -- and she's no match for me. A thousand curses on Zadkiel's head! She snatches too many sinners from my grasp! Her interference must cease!


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