Vapula, Lilim Princess of Technology

By Manny Nepomuceno


The world Needs what we have to offer.

Manifesting on Earth as a beautiful but cold woman, Vapula works hard to make humanity dependent on its technology. Think "power marketer". You wouldn't be far wrong: while Nybbas runs Hell's equivalent of a marketing directorate, Vapula handles R&D...but she does a lot of selling.

Archangel Jean was handed the keys to the Symphony, effectively shutting out Vapula and her minions from access to its secrets. That leaves experimentation, something that Vapula has gotten extremely good at: it's not unknown for disfavored Servitors to be "volunteered" for product development or testing. She's been known to smile encouragingly as her minions are strapped to the rack, and then to laugh hysterically while rebuilding their Forces into new, ever-stranger, configurations. Where experimentation cannot suffice, the Princess of Technology lies, tricks, and seduces others to gain access to technological secrets. Rumor has it that she's even gotten the better of Jean this way, playing on Jean's well-known...fondness...for Lilith.

Lucifer and the her fellow Princes like her well enough (with a few exceptions). They'd like to see more things that will encourage humans into selfish, destructive behavior: things like television, automobiles, explosives, chemical weapons, and the like. Actually, humans created all these things, but Vapula claims part of the credit. It earns points with the rest of the Descending Lowerarchy. Hellish technology notwithstanding, most of her things actually work -- all the better to snare humans with. Even Lucifer has been spotted carrying her latest PDA and speaking into her latest cellular phone.

Vapula's forges in Hell are the source of most infernal artifacts. Baal and Belial have shown a great deal of interest in Vapula's work, primarily with a view to creating more (and better) implements of destruction. For her part, the Princess of Technology delivers what they ask, and smiles as she sees the growing dependence in the eyes of her fellow Demon Princes.


Vapula's dissonance conditions remain unchanged from canon.

Band Attunements

Balseraphs: unchanged from canonical attunement.

Djinn: unchanged from canonical attunement.

Calabim: unchanged from canonical attunement.

Habbalah (partially restricted): Vapula grants her Habbalah special mood rings which reflect the emotional state of the nearest person. In addition, her Habbalah are granted an additional emotion to inflict on a person: Wanting.

Other Bands may only receive the artifact upon taking this attunement.

Lilim (partially restricted): On making eye contact, a Daughter of Vapula can tell what technology a person Needs. All of Vapula's Lilim carry a high-tech cellular phone, with special interfaces that can accept any technology that they wish to hook up to the phone. The phone also never loses its signal, nor does it need to recharge. It's not unknown for some of these phones to be artifacts containing the Celestial Song of Tongues, either. Other Bands may only receive the artifact upon taking this attunement.

Shedim (partially restricted): Shedim of Technology may possess, as a host, any technological object which a previous host has used. In the rare event that they find themselves hostless, they may possess the special artifact Vapula gives them: a PDA. The PDA is voice-activated, learns handwriting, and has an unbelievably long battery life -- all the better to snare unwary humans. Other Bands may only receive the artifact upon taking this attunement.

Impudites (partially restricted): Vapula's Impudites gain a bonus to their Fast-Talk skill equal to their Ethereal Forces when attempting to sell a technological product to someone they have Charmed. In addition, they are given special Essence-sensing glasses (always personalized to the Impudite's vessel and fashion sense, but they most commonly appear as wraparound shades) which let them see the Essence around them. Anyone wearing the glasses can see the Essence in anyone within a number of feet equal to his Celestial Forces. There are rumors that some Impudites have received contact lenses with these abilities, but that's just hearsay for now.

Other Bands may only receive the artifact upon taking this attunement.

Servitor Attunements

Invention: Unchanged from canonical attunement.

Special Features: On a successful Will roll, a Servitor of Vapula may imbue an object with any abilities they want. Both these abilities and their effects vanish within (Celestial Forces) days -- more than enough time to close the deal. For example, a Servitor may grant an ordinary laptop a high-speed, wireless connection to the Internet. After a few days, not only will the connection be gone, but the files viewed and downloaded will be inaccessible on the computer's hard drive and the computer itself will need to be replaced. Failing the Will roll will make the item immune to the use of this attunement for 24 hours! GMs should charge Essence for difficult or near-impossible features.


Knight of Combustion: Unchanged from canonical Distinction.

Inspector: Unchanged from canonical Distinction.

Baron of Gremlins: Vapula's Barons can create a tiny defect in any technological object they touch. It will fail mysteriously after another 10 (minus the demon's Celestial Forces) uses, creating the Need for a replacement. Only the most thorough examination (GM's discretion) has a chance of spotting it before then.


Vapula maintains a very, very good working relationship with her former Servitor, Nybbas, who reciprocates. He likes what she does and what she has to offer. Kronos likes her as well, as human dependence on technology is an excellent path to Fate. The only Superiors she actively dislikes are Saminga, who doesn't think much of her work, and Malphas, who she detests for reasons of her own (most take note that Malphas and Saminga are both Shedim, and that, even for a Princess, old habits die hard).

And what of Mother? Lilith, for her part, doesn't think much of her upstart Daughter. Vapula's work involves enslaving humanity to its technology, something that goes against the grain of Lilith's Word. Still, Lucifer likes Vapula well enough, and Lilith's lack of a real power base keeps her from directly threatening the Princess of Technology.

Allied: Nybbas, Kronos (Nybbas and Kronos are allied with Vapula)
Associated: none (Baal and Belial are associated with Vapula)
Hostile: Malphas, Saminga (Saminga and Lilith are hostile to Vapula)


Vapula's rites remain unchanged from canon.

Chance of Invocation: 3

Invocation Modifiers:

+1 An iMac
+2 A Pentium III
+3 A PlayStation 2
+4 A Pentium IV
+5 A G4
+6 An X-box


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