Peter, Archsaint of Apostles

By Richard C. Hanton-Rutherford


The world is made up of Servants and Masters. The Servants duties are obvious - sometimes the Masters need reminding that they too have duties.

Before Jesus' resurrected form ascended to the Celestial Realm, he appointed Peter, the Rock upon which the early Christian community rested, as the first Pope. The word Pope wasn't used then, of course, but bestowed later, when the Catholic church built itself around the skeleton of the Roman Empire, and sought a foundation for its authority. Peter, once the Rock of a small group of heretical Jews, was now the foundation stone for a Church which would straddle the world, while keeping one eye fixed firmly on the past. From the halls of the Eternal City, the first Pope, Rock of faith, watched the development of the Church at whose painful birth he was present, and smiled.

After Peter's death, his soul had ascended to the Celestial as a bodhisattva, though it did not take him long to return to the Corporeal realm as a Saint, serving a variety of Archangels, before entering the exclusive service of Laurence.

In a variety of vessels, Peter watched the development of the Catholic church, and helped steer it past various "teething troubles". He petitioned heaven to remove Rodrigo Borgia, the corrupt Alexander VI, and it is whispered in certain circles that he may have played a role in Borgia's death.

After centuries of service to Heaven, and prayers directed to his name everyday by Catholics around the world, it was suggested that Peter should be honoured as more than a simple Saint. It was implied in certain quarters that the Archangels, especially those who favoured the Catholic Church, were a little unfamiliar with the way the world worked. It was also observed that the Saints were beginning to feel a little underrepresented in Heaven; that they were being used as ground troops, but not being involved in the higher decision making process. It was therefore suggested, and eventually decided upon, that a Saint be appointed as a Superior, in name at least. With his years of service, and the position of adoration he was given by many humans, Peter was a natural choice, and was soon appointed ArchSaint of Apostles.

Though his Word means the most to the Catholic church, which will always be Peter's priority, in heaven it refers to all non-Angels who serve Heaven. Peter is the go-between of Soldiers and Saints to the divine Council, and represents their concerns as well as he can (though he stll tends to favour the requests of Catholics). Interestingly, though technically a minor Superior, Laurence has a tendency to defer to him on matters of Catholicism, and has always treated the First Pope with total respect.

Originally, Peter did not have Servitors of his own, but merely coordinated the Soldiers and Saints of other Superiors. Over the years, however, many of his charges asked to be transferred to his service, and in the modern age, Peter even has many Angels in his charge. In a War which increasingly relies on humanity, a Superior who was born a human, and spent two millenia walking amongst them, is an invaluable tool.

Choir Attunements

In the following descriptions, the word "apostles" refers to all Saints and Soldiers in the service of Heaven. I'm not trying to add a new word to IN jargon (though it would be nice), it's just a lot easier to write.

Peter did not originally have angelic servitors of his own. As his power and reputation have grown, however, the Word of Apostles has developed quite a force to back it. Though Peter does posses angels of every choir, they are still outnumbered by the Apostles in his service. Peter's angels serve as Sergeants, directing the efforts of his human forces, and ensuring that they are well treated by the higher ranks.

Seraphim: Though more at home with humans than other Seraphim, Peter's Most Holy still have difficulty forming personal relationships with Apostles, and are the most feared of his servants. At a glance, they can tell when an Apostle has betrayed Heaven, or has had dealings with the other side.

Cherubim: Attuning oneself to an Apostle does not count against a Cherub of Peter's total number of attunements

Ofanim: With a succesful resonace roll, they may determine the location of all Apostles within (Corporeal Forces x 10) miles. With a CD of 6, they can also tell which Word each Apostle serves.

Elohim: With a glance, Elohim of Peter may sense any concerns or feelings an apostle may have about the current situation or mission.

Malakim: With a touch, a Malakite may double an apostle's Strength, Intelligence or Will for a number of hours equal to the angel's Celestial Forces. This power can be used once a day for free, or more times for the cost of 1 essence per use.

Kyriotates: May automatically possess a willing apostle, and have full access to his knowledges, skills and memories.

Mercurians: Resonance automatically succeeds towards apostles, with a CD equal to the angel's Celestial Forces.

Apostles: In keeping with his words, Peter grants the apostles working directly for him with a unique attunement. For the cost of 6 essence, an Apostle of Apostles may instantly invoke Peter, without any need for a roll. The First Pope's mood will depend upon the situation to which he has been called, but he will usually grant one boon, provided it is within his power to grant. The power of this attunement explains why so many apostles wish to serve Peter - and why he is so careful to chooses servants who won't abuse the power. This attunement is a weapon to use as a last-resort - any apostle who starts relying on it will have some awkward questions to answer.


It is dissonant for Angelic Servitors of Apostles to treat humans (and Saints) as purely the means to an end. This does not mean that humans won't be used as tools: but rather that they won't be put in unnecessary danger, that they will be made aware of the risks before they're sent in, and that they wll be treated as part of the team, rather than just another tool. In return, Apostles are expected to remain loyal and serve heaven. Humans who are discovered to have been working with the other side are dealt with swiftly and brutally. This is a War, after all - the troops need to be treated well, but betrayal can't be tolerated.


Apostolic Authority: Peter is the First Pope, the source of Catholic authority, and he may imbue his servitors with a little of that power. For the cost of 2 essence, an angel with this attunement may persuade anyone who thinks of themselves as a Catholic to do anything which is not directly against the teachings of the Church. (This attunement would require GM control to stop it being too silly - it's supposed to be a way to make Catholic security guards let you into restricted areas, and Catholic cops overlook a speeding ticket. It's not a way to turn Catholics into puppets).

Steady!: An angel with this attunement may fortify the minds and spirits of a number of humans upto (Celestial Forces x 2), rendering them calm and immune to fear for as long as they remain within ten feet of each other.


Vassal of Soldiers: This angel is always aware of the location and condition of any apostles in his service.

Friend of the Servants: With a successful resonance roll, this angel is able to persuade a human to serve heaven for a number of days equal to the angel's Corporeal Forces.

Master of the Rank and File: An angel of this rank may, with a successful Resonance roll, make an angel of an equal or lesser rank (anyone other than a Superior) understand the plight and concerns of human in their service.


No-one in Heaven really dislikes Peter - he's given them two millenia of good service, after all. But some of them can't help but think of him as an inferior - and they don't like being told how to manage their troops.

Blandine - "He doesn't really bother himself with the Marches overly - but he does tell me how to look after my Dream Soldiers, which isn't really his concern. He also doesn't realise how often people dream about him."

Dominic - "He serves his purpose well, and ensures that his charges are treated justly. But I remember the cockcrow. He betrayed us three times out of fear - he could do it again."

Eli - "Peter? I remember him back in the day. He was uptight even then; never knew when to stop preaching and play with the children. But he was a good guy. Waitress! Two more coffees over here!"

Jordi - "He fights for the good treatment of humans. Why should I care? I wish him no harm, but when his children harm mine, he wll not stop me from delivering punishment."

Laurence - "He is the source of Apostolic Authority - the Rock upon which the holy mother Church is built. We are honoured to have him amongst us."

Novalis - "He's a good guy, but he's got to lighten up. I agree that some of the others treat people terribly, but running around like Karl Marx with a pole up his ass isn't going to help matters, you dig?"

Michael - "In war, a general's got to take care of his troops. Some of the others think you can pour men at a problem until it goes away. He understands the rules of war better than a lot of them, and he's a good influence on Laurence. He's not always much of a strategist, mind, but there's no-one else I'd rather have keeping the troops in check - perfect NCO material."

David - "His men are well disciplined, but they should rely less on him to take care of them."

Jean - "Sorry, what was that you were saying?"

Gabriel - "Once a betrayer, always a betrayer. And no-one tells me how to manage my servants."

Marc - "Keep the workers happy - it's one of the main rules of business. Heaven couldn't ask for a better union leader, but he needs to think more about the responsibilities of a Manager."

Janus - "I couldn't care less about Peter, as long as he doesn't presume to manage my servants for me."

Yves - "Sometimes, its takes a long time for destiny to make itself evident. From humble beginnings, and all that."

As more human servants become dissatisfied with the risks their Celestial masters are willing to take on their behalf, Peter's word grows, but he'll need to learn how not to anger his fellow superiors if he doesn't want to turn heaven against him. And Dominic's got a long memory...


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