Saint Richelieu

By Rolland Therrien


Armand Jean Du Plessis
Cardinal and Duc De Richelieu
Saint of the Sword

Corporeal Forces: 2
Strength: 4
Agility: 4
Ethereal Forces: 5
Intelligence: 11
Precision: 9
Celestial Forces: 5
Will: 10
Perception: 10

Skills: Detect Lies/5, Emote/6, Fast-Talk/4, Knowledge (Canon Law/6, Logic/6, Politics/6, Theology/6), Language (English/3, French/3, Spanish/3, Latin/3), Lying/5, Savoir-Faire/6, Move Silently/3

Songs: Calling (All/4), Charm (Ethereal/4, Celestial/3), Dreams (all/3), Motion (Celestial/3), Nightmares (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/4), Nimbus (Corpoeal/3), Opening (Ethereal/4), Seals (Corporeal/5), Shields (Corporeal/3), Sleep (Ethereal/3), Tongues (Corporeal/3), Truth (All/4)

Attunements: Blessed, Divine Contract, Divine Logic, Incarnate Law, Rituals of Faith (Catholicism)

Say hello to Armand Jean Du Plessis, Cardinal Duc de Richelieu. Or just Richelieu, as he likes to be called these days. Yes, he's that Cardinal Richelieu. And don't look so surprised. He's not really such a bad guy, once you get to know him. Back in life, he was just a very devout Catholic and a fierce French patriot.

Well, he was also the most powerful man in 17th Century France, but that was in support of his other two attributes.

It's mostly due to his powerful network of spies and agents throughout France and Europe that Richelieu first came to the attention of the War. Or rather, that the War first came to his attention. For a few years, Richelieu had come to discover that foreign agents were interfering with affairs in both his homeland and church, agents who seemed to belong to no foreign power he could identify. It's not until reports came in of "supernatural forces" and "Heavenly and Infernal Forces" that Richelieu suddenly came to the conclusion that he'd actually stumbled upon the war between the Forces of Heaven, and the Forces of Hell.

For a good deal of time, Richelieu did little about the matter other then analyse the reports given to him by his agents, trying to determine which side was which, and limiting the negative effects of these agents on France and his own network of agents. After a few years, at which point Richelieu was quite certain that he now knew which of these agents served Heaven, and which one served Hell. He had found himself forced to maintain an uneasy balance of secreting information and disinformation to one side or the other, trying to further his agenda of protecting France, while trying to stay on Heaven's good graces. Finally, he decided it was time to contact Heaven, and pulled at the strings he had access to to get in touch with Saint Michael, the Commander of the Heavenly Host.

...While he was surprised to recieve a message from St Michael himself to address himself to the new commander of the host, Laurence, he had enough self-control not to look too shocked when the Malakite Archangel came to visit him in person. Once confronted with the Lord Commander of the Host of Heaven, however, Richelieu actually impressed Laurence by actually trying to make a deal with him: an offer of fealty to Heaven, offering his network of agents and the information gathered on Hell's agents and bases, but only if Heaven allowed for some resources to be used to ensure France's continued prosperity.

Laurence was actually impressed with that human's sheer determination, and resonnated him. While Richelieu's life was filled with acts both noble and ignoble, overall the Cardinal's actions had been motivated by Faith and Patriotism, two traits that resonated with high honor to the Archangel. And Richelieu's offer was quite tempting.

And so the Cardinal De Richelieu became a Soldier of God in service to the Sword. Although in Richelieu's perception, service to Laurence was very much like his usual services to France, save that Laurence impressed him as being a better lord then King Louis XIII, and gave him a bit more leeway in his service to the divine. Until his death in 1642, Richelieu's intelligence network did double-duty as France's intelligence agency and Heaven's primary information network throughout 17th century western europe.

After his death, Richelieu (having already accomplished his Destiny) was greeted by Laurence and given an administrative position in the Cathedral of the Sword, helping the Archangel to better organise the network of Soldiers of God still operating on Earth.

And Richelieu, true to form, has since helped to re-organise this network into something quite resembling his old spy and agent network, although one of greater size and influence, operating on an International level rather then a continental one. And while the soldiers still serve their own Archangels first and foremost, and while Laurence is still the true final authority in charge of the Soldiers of God, Richelieu is the Saint who gets a lot of the paperwork done, and that gives him all the access he needs to push things in one direction or another to get things done effectively.

Richelieu now has as firm a grip on the political situation of Heaven as any human can, and has the most extensive, powerful and efficient spy network this side of The Game and the Conspiracy (and Richelieu's still building, even today. Asmodeus really dislikes having lost that Soul to Heaven). The full extent of this network is known only to Richelieu, (although Litheroy's made some guesses and Yves seems to know something), but he uses it to further the cause of Heaven and the Sword. Whether or not he does this unbeknownst by Laurence is one of those things best left to quiet speculation, for reasons of Heavenly security.

All in all, Richelieu's time in Heaven has him keeping busy. He even keeps tabs on his old homeland's status, and while he knows Heaven must labor to help the whole world, Richelieu still does all in his power to keep the country that saw his birth stay safe and independant. It's well noted that during both World Wars, Richelieu actually took a leave of absence from his Celestial duties to help organise things to help people in France. Many WWII French Resistance cells (and cells in other nazi-occupied countries) were organised with help from Richelieu using various vessels and roles which he'd acquired over the years. These actions where accepted by Laurence, however, as furthering the cause of Heaven in the struggle against Human evil. This is perhaps why Laurence didn't say anything to him about keeping some of those networks in action after the end of WWII.

After all... Richelieu's more then one of the Blessed, he's a Saint. Certainly, all he does is essentially in service to God, right?


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