A Forensic Necromancer (and his Mentor)

By James Walker


Dr. Alex Meister, also known as Lord Dark
Zombi and 'retired' Necromancer

Corporeal Forces: 3 Strength: 10 Agility: 6
Ethereal Forces: 3 Intelligence: 8 Precision: 6*

*Increased with character points)

Vessel: Human/3 (elderly male academic)

Skills: Artistry(Lecturing/2, Writing/4), Chemistry/6, Command/1*, Enchantment/5*, Exorcism/1*, Fast-talk/Mastery, Fighting/1, Focus/3*, Knowledge(Academia/3, Demons/1, Research/4, teaching/2), Medicine/6, Necromancy/6*, Savoir-Faire/3.

*these skills are now unusable due to his lack of celestial Forces.

Songs: Numinous Corpus - Claws/3, Plates/1, Spines/1, Wings/1.

Attunement: Sorcery (Now inactive due to lack of CelForces).

Disadvantages: Greed/3, Need(Brains*)/3, Obsession(Power)/6.

*Alex has been able to refine this down to specific chemicals found only in the brain. However they cannot be reproduced artificially - yet.

Rituals: Create Mummy, Create Zombi, Undeath's Door, Exorcise Undead, Sacrifice for Essence, Sorcerous Initiation, Store Essence, Suggest, Symphonic Awakening.

Oliver Medrin
Forensic Doctor & Necromancer

Corporeal Forces: 1 Strength: 2 Agility: 2
Ethereal Forces: 3 Intelligence: 9* Precision: 6
Celestial Forces: 2 Will: 4* Perception: 7

*Have been increased with character points.

Charisma +1, additional +2 for Police & Academics.

Skills: Artistry (Writing)/3, Chemistry/4, Computer Operation/1, Electronics/2, Emote/1, Enchantment/1, Engineering/1, Exorcism/1, Fast-Talk/2, Knowledge(Court Procedures/2,Police Procedures/2, Research/3*, Teaching/4), Medicine/6*, Necromancy/6*, Ranged Weapon (pistol/1), Savoir-Faire/1.

*Specialisation: Forensic

Songs: Numinous Corpus: Plates/1, Spines/1, Wings/1.

Necromantic Rituals: Create Zombi; Mummify(Reversed only); Undeath's Door, Exorcise Undead.

Sorcery Attunement.

Artifact: Talisman(Necromancy)/6 - a 'loan' from Alex.

Disadvantage: Selfless/2.

Servant: Zombi (Dr Alex Meister/Lord Dark).

Alex & Oliver were two of the finest forensic experts in the world; Oliver preferring to practice his skills in the field while Alex was a researcher. They knew each other well, collaborating on several papers. Alex's disappearance came as a shock to Oliver, and suspecting foul play he ensured that the police followed up every lead. Alex returned a year later. He had been mortally wounded by criminals, he said; the only reason he still lived was that he had discovered a way to cheat death. He promised to show Oliver how to revive a corpse, and suggested that working together they might truly find immortality.

Alex was as good as his word. Once Oliver knew how to create a zombi countless criminal cases were solved, as murder victims described their own murders. Exploring the intricacies of Necromancy they developed the Undeath's Door Ritual, and used it to save many lives. Murders which had been solved, but could not be proved in court, were resolved by sending an armed zombi to kill the murderer before committing 'suicide'. They have even been able to conceal the deaths of a number of police officers by claiming that the officers had been returned from the brink of death, but had suffered brain damage (reducing their mental capabilities) and the death of cells in the body's extremities (hence the death like image of the zombi). These zombi cops have been retired as medically unfit, but must visit the pair daily for their 'medication' - their Needs, processed to make the carrion look like pills.

The pair are curious as to how to reveal their knowledge to the world. They have different motivations; Oliver wants to be able to share these abilities for everyone's benefit. They have sent a trickle of tantalising snippets of medical information to the medical journals, and Oliver has used the Undeath's Door ritual to revive patients in front of the doctors who had declared the patient to be dead.

Alex has a different motivation. While researching old medical texts, he had uncovered the basics of Necromancy. Calling himself Lord Dark, with an army of loyal zombis, he had great plans - which were smashed when the Samingans turned up, killed him and took control of his zombis. They also zombified him, not guessing that his Obsession would cause him to leave.

This pair can come to the attention of a group of PC's very easily. The rapid decrease in crime they have caused is attracting attention - if the PC's have killed a human, Oliver may zombify their victim and find out what happened. The Samingans are looking for 'Lord Dark', suspecting that he somehow survived and passed himself off as a zombi to escape. Finally, the stir being caused in the medical community has come to the attention of Jean.

Stopping the pair will be difficult. They have the support of half a dozen zombi coppers, several other human zombis and a number of zombi birds. More importantly, they have the backing of the police force and a public reputation. Finally, Oliver can reverse the rituals creating zombis and vampires with an action, preventing Servitors of death from overwhelming him with cannon fodder.

New Necromancy Ritual: Undeath's Door

This ritual allows the necromancer to exploit a patient's potential as a zombi to help save their life; this is done by restoring functions using zombification. instead of using the Medicine skill on a mortal who has negative body hits, the Necromancer may make a Medicine+Necromancy roll; if successful, in addition to the benefits of the Medicine skill the patient regains body hits equal to the CD. If these additional body hits(only) are sufficient to bring the patient back to (Minus Strength) body hits or better, than the ritual restores the patient to life. (Assume that the patient has lost a body hit every round since being 'killed', if this is important). Using this ritual does not cost any essence, although the patient will lose CD essence (or all of their essence, if they have less). Also, this ritual lowers the TN of any future Necromancy rituals on this body by 2 for (6-patients' Corporeal Forces) months. The effects of Interventions for this ritual are known. A Divine Intervention will heal the patient to zero hits without side effect. An Infernal intervention will permanently zombify the damaged organs; the patient will lose 3 hits of blood a day as the zombified parts of his body devour them; if this kills him he will rise as a zombi.


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