The Sailor Team

By William J. Keith


Editor's Note: These are characters created using GURPS: In Nomine rules.

I tried to point-balance them, but it wasn't happening. ;^) So most of the Senshi will be somewhat over 100 points total, although hopefully not too badly... maybe about the point level a 100-point Mundane would be if they earned Soldiership in the course of a campaign. Their native language is English, and they speak Japanese as well, save Rei, whose native language is Japanese and speaks English.

One note: I've been thinking. Shouldn't a standard part of the Soldier package be a Secret? Secret[Soldier of God/Hell/pagan spirits with heavenly/infernal/pagan powers], turns into unwanted attention and enemies if revealed, -5? No biggie, just a suggestion. (With these particular Soldiers, maybe the Secret Identity would be more applicable eventually. ^_^ )

A note on two of the pieces of common equipment:

All Scouts have Communicators, which are wrist-wearable two-way video/audio radios with locator devices, which can only speak to each other. (The transmission itself is probably encoded, but not necessarily.)

All Scouts, and Darien, have transformation items -- for Sailor Moon, a brooch; for Tuxedo Mask, a crystal rose; and for the remaining Scouts, small wands. They are relic/reliquaries which can contain up to 2 Essence, and for 1 Essence(from within or externally) they use a preprogrammed version of Eli's Transubstantiation attunement(slightly non-canon, but I'm open to suggestions for a similar Song) to change normal clothing into the Senshi uniform(or in Tuxedo Mask's case, the Tux with top hat and cloak) with all the characteristics of the Second Chance Hardcorps system, except considerably lighter and more flexible. Also, they can change the uniform back to whatever clothing the user was wearing before.

Sailor Moon
Soldier of Dreams

ST 9
DX 10
IQ 8
HT 12

Appearance: Teenage Caucasian female, blue-eyed blond with knee-length pigtails held up by small buns on either side of head, bangs in front. 4'11".

Advantages: Attractive, Symphonic Awareness, Power Investiture (Ethereal) +1, Essence Control 8, Charisma +3, Rank(only among the Sailor Team) -- 1 pt.

Disadvantages: Klutz, Low Pain Threshold, Compulsive Behavior (Spendthrift(Mild)), Sense of Duty(all humanity, -15), Minor(age 14)

Quirks: sweet tooth; enjoys manga; slacks off as student(resulting in poor grades); loves Darien (Tuxedo Mask).

Skills: Thrown Weapon (Discus)-14, Karate-10, History-8, Leadership-10, Shadowing-9, Song of Daydreams-14, Healing(Ethereal)-14, Hobby(action video games)-12, Japanese-8, Lucid Dreaming-14

Equipment: Brooch, Communicator as above;

Tiara: Celestial artifact, 2 Essence storage -- summonable onto the head for 1 Essence, requires brief spoken invocation to use, for 1 stored Essence becomes the equivalent of a Fine discus doing both cutting damage and (white-heat) burning damage if it hits. Returns to hand after throwing.

Disguise Pen: Celestial artifact, 1 Essence storage. Performs Light(Ethereal) with limitation: only for disguising clothing and cosmetic changes to wearer.

All sundries of a middle-class Caucasian teenager in modern-day Japan.

Story: Serena was the hardest to find. (Naturally they're all going by their characters' names. Why not get into the fun?) The supply of blonde teenage girls in Japan is limited at best, but you can import one easily enough with a favor from Marc. However, what you really need is Soldier material, with the right kind of selfless personality, compatible with Dreams, and preferably a fan of the show. Well, after getting the bright idea to search conventions, they found one and moved her and her family to Japan. (Her dad's not a magazine editor, but we won't have a perfect correspondence with the manga anyway.) Blandine appeared to Serena in the Marches as Queen Serenity, explained the War, and proposed her plan. Serena thought it was fantastic -- she was moving to a great country, she got an angel in a cat body as a bodyguard and mentor, she was in personal contact with the most gorgeous, awe-inspiring being she'd ever known, met a great-looking guy with the same job, and had the opportunity to kick Evil butt in a major way. There is nothing bad about her life at this very minute. Except maybe schoolwork. ^_^;

Tuxedo Mask
Soldier of the Sword

ST 10
DX 11
IQ 11
HT 13

Appearance: Young adult Caucasian male, blue eyes, short black hair, generally neatly dressed, tall, average build.

Advantages: Attractive, Fashion Sense, Symphonic Awareness, Power Investiture (Corporeal) +1, Essence Control 6

Disadvantages: Partial amnesia(limitation: has only forgotten life before the age of 10), Struggling Wealth level(college student, part-time job), Code of Honor(strict adherence to orders; protect women and innocents, and those weaker than oneself; always give aid when requested; -5)

Quirks: always carries a fresh rose when possible; loves Serena (Sailor Moon); likes to make a dramatic entrance

Skills: Blades(Corporeal)-15, Cloak(Heavy)-12, Fencing-14, Knife Throwing-14, Jumping-10, Driving-11, Karate-11, Performance(Modeling)-10, Appreciate Beauty-12, Japanese-11

Equipment: Transformation rose (enhancement - produces 1d new fresh roses with each use, ready for any purpose -- additional 2 Essence storage capacity for more roses);

Cane (summonable into hand; Relic: Song of Blades(Corporeal), 2 dedicated Essence storage; limitation: the cane only);

All sundries of a college student in modern-day Japan, including apartment, car, and part-time job.

Story: Laurence had to be apprised of such a large undertaking involving Soldiers, of course, and he seems to expect Darien to be the mature influence on the girls when their Mercurian mentors are having communication problems. It helps, of course, that Darien was being considered as Soldier material already, and shows the Sword's dedication to discipline and honor. The fact that Blandine chose him apparently for the likelihood of his falling in love with Serena, an event that has come about, troubles him very little. While Serena is nominally in charge (heavily advised by Luna and Artemis, of course, and the eponymous Ethereal goddess has been strenuously advised to keep her hands off), the two are otherwise falling into an acceptably honorable pattern of chivalric interest leading to a patiently-awaited heartfelt marriage.

Sailor Mercury
Soldier of Lightning

ST 8
DX 8
IQ 15
HT 9

Appearance: Teenage Caucasian female, blue eyes, short blue hair

Advantages: Attractive appearance, Symphonic Awareness, Power Investiture (Celestial, taken from an Elohite of Lightning) +1, Essence Control 6, Unusual Background (major favor being done by Jean for Blandine), Composed

Disadvantages: Shyness (Severe), Minor(age 14)

Quirks: dedicated student; swims to relax

Skills: Ice (Celestial)-17, Shields(Celestial)-16, First Aid-18, Diagnosis-14, German-14, French-14, Japanese-15, Hobby(Swimming)-14, Mathematics-17, Physics-14, Computer Operation-16, Computer Programming-15

Equipment: The standard Elohite Attunement computer has been enhanced with a sensor array which is summonable at will once the computer is in existence. Assume any reasonably TL10 portable sensory equipment (mikes, infrared, electroscopes, etc.) is available -- after all, if Jean's going to do something as audacious as this, he might as well go the whole nine yards.

Also, all sundries of a Caucasian teenager in modern Japan.

Story: Jean was opposed to Blandine's request originally. Transplanting a Force from an angel to a human is not done lightly. It took intervention by an angel of Destiny, who said that this was part of Ami's Destiny, to convince him to grant the operation. Jean was almost vindicated during the process -- the severe Shyness was not part of Ami's original personality. Indeed, it appears to manifest itself as an intense fear of expressing herself emotionally; sound policy for an Elohite, but a great interference with human interpersonal relationships. However, Ami had been willing to take the risk. Nobody said having a part of an angel's soul implanted in you was going to leave you completely yourself afterwards.... Her composure, however, is her own, if possibly enhanced a bit recently, and may have been one of the factors that allowed Jean to accept the request.

Sailor Mars
Soldier of Fire

ST 9
DX 10
IQ 10
HT 12

Appearance: Teenage Japanese female, average height and build, waist-length straight black hair, black eyes.

Advantages: Attractive appearance, Symphonic Awareness, Power Investiture (Corporeal) +1, Essence Control 8, Danger Sense, True Shape of Flame(use mechanics of Shape Fire as if Create Fire had been used, if necessary)

Disadvantages: Bad Temper, Disciplines of Faith (Shinto acolyte), Minor(Age 14)

Quirks: highly organized; enjoys manga

Skills: Banishing(Corporeal)-11, Fire(Corporeal)-15, Administration-12, Singing-12, Musical Composition-12, Flower Arranging(hobby)-12, Karate-14, English-10

Equipment: Wand and communicator; Ofuda -- A standard item created by Shinto priests, Rei's ofuda are employed when she uses her Song of Banishing. The time she spends preparing them in proper ceremony actually counts towards the success of the Song; at least, 5 minutes of it, for a +3. Only one can be used per Song attempt, and it must be placed on the target (despite the anime, it's very difficult to throw anything but *heavy* paper) for the bonus to take effect.

Besides a large personal collection of manga, Rei's sundries are slightly more ascetic than a typical Japanese teenager's... after all, she does live and work in a Heaven-controlled local shrine, which is also the group's main gathering place and staging ground.

Story: When Blandine found Gabriel and introduced Rei, the two hit it off instantly. Well, strictly speaking, Rei dropped to her knees in awe of the Burning Lady, and Gabriel smiled brilliantly at her. Blandine is heartened, rather than confused, that Gabriel granted Rei her Soldier's powers without having to be asked. Since then, Blandine has wondered if Gabriel also granted Rei some minor form of prophetic sight - she certainly seems to have a keen sense of ambush.

Sailor Jupiter
Soldier of Lightning

ST 12
DX 10
IQ 9
HT 12

Appearance: Teenage Caucasian female, green eyes, brown hair in ponytail, tall and athletic.

Advantages: Attractive appearance, Symphonic Awareness, Power Investiture (Celestial) +1, Essence Control 8, Unusual Background(Blandine personally convincing Jean to do it), Fit, Generator

Disadvantages: Impulsiveness, Struggling wealth

Quirks: constantly pining after boys; likes to have plants around

Skills: Cooking-16, Lightning(Celestial)-13, Botany-10, Karate-14, Japanese-9

Equipment: Other than the common items, Lita's sundries are slightly affected by a slightly lower availability of familial funds.

Story: At least this one didn't require an angelic Force, just a Celestial one. Jean openly wondered why an activity so obviously supportive of Blandine's Word required so much work from him, not to mention risking the sanity of two human beings. Blandine merely pointed out that the action was for the overall good of the Symphony, as was the debt she owed him, from his own point of view; and kept to herself the observation that he hardly needed to throw in the Generator Attunement as well. Really, it was as if he liked the image, or the idea was starting to appeal to him, or something. :^)

Sailor Venus
Soldier of Creation

ST 9
DX 11
IQ 9
HT 10

Appearance: Teenage Caucasian female, blue eyes, waist-length straight blonde hair.

Advantages: Attractive appearance, Symphonic Awareness, Power Investiture (Celestial) +1, Essence Control 6, Unusual Background(It's Eli. Who knows?), Charisma +1

Disadvantages: Overconfidence*

Quirks: collects stuffed animals; misquotes proverbs

Skills: Needlecraft-12; Light(Celestial)-14, Volleyball-16, Performance-10, Acting-10, Singing-12, Japanese-9

Equipment: Standard henshin wand and communicator. In addition to her sundries, she has a decently-sized collection of stuffed animals, some of which she has even sewn herself. She has made gifts of personally-sewn teddy bears to Blandine and Eli.

Story: Venus was going to take a little longer, so Blandine started looking for Eli first. (Why Creation? It just seemed to fit her personality and habits.) Turns out she found him rather quickly. He thought she was darling, she thought he was totally cool, and he agreed to do it on the spot. There were no problems with the Force-grafting, except maybe a slight tendency to garble proverbs. However, Mina won't say if she did that before. ;^) Having been around for a while longer than the other Senshi, she's somewhat more used to her powers than the others and is looking into pursuing her dreamt-of singing career on the side, preferably in ways that support Dreams and/or Creation.

History of the Scouts

Behold them. The Sailor Team - six Soldiers whose main function, besides supporting the Word of Dreams and being hyper-enthusiastic teenage warriors for God, is to inflict massive amounts of cognitive dissonance on sorcerors and demons, who generally lapse into astonished confusion upon being attacked by five cute girls in skirts wielding Songs and a guy in a tux throwing roses that become a lot more effective with Bladesongs.

Hey. Wacky ideas occasionally work, and someone who actually had one of her angels bound to the concept of "Half-Baked Student Idealism" has the occasional idea out of left field herself. Besides, Kobal doesn't have a monopoly on humor in this Symphony, thank you very much.

After all, they were natural Soldier material anyway. And they were such fans... so Blandine gathered some Archangels. Gabriel required some finding, but she took a liking to the passionate Rei, so much that she even gives her the occasional prophecy. So did Eli, and he was charmed enough by Mina(probably the hand-sewn teddy bear) to adopt her and produce the six henshin tools: four wands, one rose and a brooch. Blandine herself adopted Serena(she seems to enjoy playing the part of Queen Serenity in their occasional meetings), and Laurence was persuaded by Blandine to hear out the uprightly noble Darien for some powers(which he granted). Jean didn't bloody well see the point -- it seemed entirely too inefficient -- but Blandine making a truly impassioned request is hard to refuse, and at least there was someone sensible on the team, so he went ahead and gave Ami his Elohite attunement(beefed up with an extra sensor array, as long as he was risking one of his own Servitors to do this, and Blandine was being so insistent), Lita his Song of Celestial Lightning, and dedicated communicators 'round the table. (Boy, did Blandine owe Jean for this one....) After that, it was just a matter of a couple of Mercurians of Dreams in cat Vessels(with human Voices) as their mentors and heavenly liaisons, they were all set.

They're, individually, not really a match for a demon, and as a human team are rather overt for that kind of front-line work. Plus, their mentors would rather not risk them to that extent for a demon that angels could fight better, and will be returning from Trauma anyway. Rather, their most common target is the human Sorcerors who are bad enough to draw Heavenly notice and not be worth any (more) attempted saving. The Team's Songs and Attunements are generally plenty enough to deal with any sorceror's own skills, and if he manages to summon a demon, well, they can deal with that, too. The cats generally stay out of the main battle(as Mercurians, they can't go after the sorcerors personally anyway), and are always ready afterward with Songs of Healing, just in case.

The battles are... well... fun. Serena thinks The Speech** is insanely cool. Darien and she have actually fallen in love -- can Blandine pick 'em or what? Ami and Darien can generally remain calm -- the rest of the Scouts get into the rhythm with all due enthusiasm. Of course, none of them has gotten seriously injured yet; Luna and Artemis are getting scary flash-forwards to the end of the first TV season, when the perfectly confident Scouts charged into the thick of something much bigger than they'd handled before. So their priorities are balancing training, words of caution, and the preservation of the beautiful dreams of the young and idealistic.

These girls may just do all right yet.

* Have you ever seen Mina trying to be a nurse to her friends or date two guys at once? Trust me, it's appropriate. %^)

** Oh, surely you know The Speech.

"How dare you defile the Earth with your evil ways! I am Sailor Moon, Champion of Justice! I will right wrongs and triumph over evil! On behalf of Heaven, I shall punish you!"

Or something similar. ^_^


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