Spazz, Word-Bound Human of Spazz

By James Walker


Corporeal Forces: 1
Strength: 2
Agility: 2
Ethereal Forces: 1
Intelligence: 1
Precision: 3
Celestial Forces: 3
Will: 2
Perception: 10

Word Forces: 1*

Status/1 (Student); Charisma +3 (likeable chump)

Skills: Artistry(Song writing/2, Electric Guitar/1), Emote/6, Lying/1.

*Servant: His Word Force/7 - an ethereal dream fragment he has created which has 'glued' itself to his Force configuration. It cannot leave his dreamscape - there, it is treated as an Ethereal Force with Int/3, Pre/1, Dodge/3, Knowledge(Spazz's Psychology)/1.

Special Rite: Spend essence on a performance of one of his songs.

Special Ability: When 'singing' his music he has written, he can use the Emote skill instead of Singing skill. This is in addition to adding the CD of an Emote roll to his Singing roll.

Spazz isn't an intellectual, or a jock, or a brilliant conversationalist. He's just - Spazz. Everybody likes him (largely because they can feel superior to him). What he does is enthusiasm. No matter what the task, if Spazz is enthused, everyone else will join in - and have a good time. And what he's most enthusiastic about is music.

Spazz is the lead singer of a garage band - sort of. What happens is he finds a gig, and then rings around looking for people who're free to play. Sometimes he forgets, and doesn't organise it until the previous day - or in the morning. It doesn't matter - every wannabe wants to play with Spazz, 'cause he's the king of the wannabes.

Spazz can't actually sing; he relies on his Emote skill to entertain people. He's a favourite opening act throughout town; he's fun to listen to/laugh at and he can't upstage the main event - many of whom now insist that he is their opening act in his home town. He'll attempt to copy their songs, which always gets a laugh; just for fun some otherwise serious bands copy his, invariably getting a standing ovation.

As far as mundanes are concerned, that's all there is to say. But 'Spazz' means many things now; Spazz himself; his band; and now his 'music' which is becoming a popular part of counter-culture. It's not clear when the proto-ethereal glued itself to him, but he's now either WordBound, or something very similar, and all sides of the War are interested.

Lilith wants him dead - ideally Soulkilled. If Celestial work out how to create WordBound humans, her monopoly it threatened. Many DP's agree, feeling that humans shouldn't have the chance to ape Celestials; besides, Lilith might jump ship. The Ethereals are interested, and want to know whether this is a good thing or a bad one. Heaven is in an uproar. Everybody agrees that thwarting Hell is a good idea, and angels have been detailed to do so. But they can't work out what to do about Spazz. Is he a good sign? A way of hurting Hell? Part of God's plan? Or is he a self-employed Pagan Soldier? Maybe one of Kobal's tricks? The orders the angels will be given will depend on their Superior - and are bound to contradict the orders of every other angel.


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