Billy Adams, 4-year-old In Service To Deals With The Darkness

By James Walker


Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 10
Agility: 2

Ethereal Forces: 1
Intelligence: 1
Precision: 3

Celestial Forces: 1
Will: 2
Perception: 2

Status: Rich Orphan/4.

Skills: Area knowledge(Gates of Hell)/1, Climbing/1, Demonic/1, Fighting/1, Move Silently/1, Running/1.

Billy's parents were Soldiers of Deals With The Darkness. Needing contact with their Superior, they trained Billy to be evil from birth; once they were sure that he was Damned, and that he could recite messages back without mistake, they drowned him. The Dweller sent him back - with an Infernal Force.

A month later, they needed more information - they slit his throat. The Dweller sent him back - and Billy, with 3 Corporeal Forces, tore his parents apart.

Six months have passed since then. Attempts to send Billy to an orphanage failed. He insisted that a local crime lord was his godfather; documents to that effect were forged and Billy was adopted. The crime lord had been hoping to get his hands on Billy's money - instead what he got was an incredibly skilled and professional killer. Looking harmless, and able to slip through a pet flap, Billy has already performed five assassinations flawlessly. His adoptive father is handling Billy's wealth, but is careful to ensure that Billy gets what he wants - although he must juggle this need against the prying of the child protection people, who really don't like the fact that a mobster has adopted Billy.

Billy will be starting school next year - are there any Servitors of Children who don't have enough to do?

And no, nobody knows what orders Billy got from Deals With The Darkness.


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