Merryn Davis, Zombie Actor

By James Walker


Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 2
Agility: 10

Ethereal Forces: 2
Intelligence: 3
Precision: 5

Vessel: Human Female/3,Charisma +3; Status/3 (Entertainer)

Skills: Artistry(Acting)/2, Dancing/1, Emote/6, Lying/2, Singing/2.

Songs: Numinous Corpus: Tongue/3.

Discord: Need(Eyes)/3, Obsession(Fame)/1.

Merryn was a young passionate entertainer who had started to make it in show business. She has done the vocals for a couple of minor bands, and was hoping for a part in a movie when she was killed in a car crash. The driver of the other vehicle was a Necromancer and decided that she'd make an excellent Servant. He reckoned without the call of the stardom - she headed back to her career.

Her 'miraculous escape' hasn't hurt her career. Unfortunately, her singing voice and acting ability have both gone downhill. Unusually for a zombi, she still expresses her emotions with skill, and can pour that into a song. Her natural voice is pretty awful, though. On the upside, her increased physical abilities have turned her into a natural dancer.

Her agent has been able to work with this - he got her a part in a horror film playing a ghost. She is impressing everyone there with her skills - and is regularly asked who does her make-up. Merryn hopes to adapt to her new state while making horror films and then return to mainstream entertainment.

Obsessed with being famous, she feels that she must always be in the public eye - or failing that, be the last thing that people see. As such her supernatural Need is for human eyes. Her victims don't have to die, and a disturbing number of people report having been mugged by an incredibly fast girl who licked out their eyes.

Merryn could either be a minor encounter, or a Servant for a Servitor of Saminga.


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