Oscar Mayland, Zombie Big Wheel and Vampire Impersonator

By James Walker


Corporeal Forces: 3
Strength: 7
Agility: 5

Ethereal Forces: 2
Intelligence: 4
Precision: 7*
*increased with Character points.

Vessel: Older Human Male/3, Charisma +1, Status/6(CEO).

Skills: Fast-talk/Mastery, Savoir-Faire/6.

bSong: NC(Fangs)/3.

Discord: Berserk/2, Fear(Sunlight)/1, Need(Blood)/3, Obsession(Power)/1.

While dying of lung cancer, Oscar was approached by a Samingan and offered immortality in return for service. He jumped at the offer; unfortunately for him, the demon didn't know the Create Mummy ritual, and settled for poisoning him and zombifying the corpse.

Oscar believes himself to be a vampire (not being sentient, he's incapable of working out that he's not sentient) and continues to run his company for Hell. His forcible withdrawal from nicotine combined with his belief that he is a vampire gave him the Fear(Sunlight) Discord, and his havens, limousine and offices are all carefully protected from the sun.

Attempts have been made on Oscar's unlife, so he is escorted by company security - they are generally decent guys just trying to do their job.

Oscar's high social skills has allowed him to avoid killing people to fulfill his Need - although the large number of goths who are bragging that they've 'fed' a real vampire is going to attract attention sooner or later.


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