A Word

By Joey


The two Cherubim walked wingtip to wingtip into the library. The first, a great white wolf, briskly walked on, until her companion, a smaller black feline, pasued. The first turned to her friend, and whispered, "What is wrong?"

"I am afraid," said the feline. "What if he says that the Lord..."

"Don't be foolish," said the first, with a big toothy grin. "What could we possibly be doing wrong?" She nuzzled her companion, and they continued walking into the library, wingtips still touching. The canine Cherub gazed lovingly at her companion as they walked, the panther's dark eyes turned towards her lover. They walked, still gazing at each other, until they came upon Yves, who smiled brightly at them and replaced the book he was looking at on the shelf.

"Ah, Blandine. Beleth. How may I be of assistance?" the eldest being said, and the two Cherubs looked at each other for a long minute, then turned back to Yves.

"Giver of Names, Beleth and I have come with a question," Blandine said. She cleared her throat, and said, "We have spent much time roaming the Marches together, and have seen incredible things, beautiful things. We were in constant Awe of what we saw."

Beleth stepped forward, and after hesitating a moment, said "However, all the glorious sights we have gazed at would have seemed...perhaps not as grand, if it we hadn't looked upon them together. We thank God for all his gifts, but the gift we thank him for above all others is that we were able to journey together."

"We enjoy each other's company greatly," said Blandine, her deep blue stare unwavering before Yves. "And we wish to remain like this forever. I feel more strongly toward Beleth than I do any other being in creation," she paused a moment to put her paw on Beleth's. "What we wanted was for you to give this a Name. Give what we feel for each other a Name."

"If it pleases you," Beleth added quickly, humbly lowering her head before the Archangel standing before her.

Yves was quiet for a long moment, and perhaps, for just a moment, his eye glimmered, and he smiled almost sadly. He looked the two Cherubim in the eye, and said, "Love. This is called Love."

"Love..." Beleth repeated. The word sounded...she wasn't quite sure how to describe it. A feeling above all others, perhaps.

"Love," Blandine repeated. She said the word again, and turned to Beleth, and, for a moment, felt a glimmer of eternity. "This love, is it forever?"

"That," Yves said, "Is for the two of you to determine."


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