Belial's Victory (?)

By Josh Moger


Well, he did it. The Cuban Missile Crisis, the SALT talks, heck, the break up of the Soviet Union all seemed to show that a Third World War just wasn't going to happen.

And then... it did. Nobody thought to where the USSR's nuclear weapons had gone to. Everybody, in the west at least, seemed to think the world situation was just peachy.

All it took was one madman, a 'dirty bomb' and a bad decision from NORAD.

And Belial just laughed his infernal butt off.

He came up to Earth when it began, the first strike was stabilized as a tether almost immediately. The other's soon followed. Eventually, Belial noticed that entire nations were starting to come under his domain as the nuclear fire burned away entire land masses. It was a sweet victory for him.

But the best was yet to come.

He met HER a few days after the first strike. His power was growing geometrically, HERs was starting to slide on the same scale. When the sun was blackened out SHE appeared, ready at last to throw herself at him in a final suicidal frenzy.

Belial was amused that just before he started burning away HER Celestial Forces, she became a hideous bat winged creature. It didn't stop him, but it did bring a slight smile to his face.

With the source of his years of annoyance gone, he finally accepted full control of the word of Fire. And for a week he reigned supreme. No one could possibly challenge him. Not even Saminga. The world was finally on fire.

And then it stopped.

When the world's shattered governments finally ran out of nuclear weapons to toss at one another, the Earth was a mess, but as every science-fiction reader will tell you, it doesn't end there. The skies, after boiling with radioactive heat, had finally cooled down and were almost a solid mass of darkness. No light was shining through to the Earth. Belial laughed, though even to him it was sounding a bit hollow, and tried to journey to HER former tether, in the Sun. He couldn't. The tether had been destroyed when SHE was soul-killed. He hadn't taken the tether then... and now he had no way of getting there.

Then he noticed the effect on the Earth. There was no more fire. Nuclear winter had begun to settle in, slowly freezing the Earth. Belial clutched to his suddenly dissipating word-forces, realizing that he had to find some means of bolstering his power. He realized there was still fire, deep within the Earth. This was fine for him, but he had to convince others of this, convince them to seek it out, to survive and use it.

He had to inspire humans.

Belial traveled over the Earth until he found one settlement, a group of people struggling to live in the wasteland that was once Iceland. He showed them the hot springs, showed them what that there was still hope, still life for them to live. Showed them that fire still existed and that the cold wouldn't be forever. But the people took little notice, too wrapped up in the end of the world they couldn't see that there was a reason to go on with life.

And so, frustrated by their lack of interest in going on, Belial incinerated them.

When the last one died, Belial realized that he was alone. Alone on an Earth that could no longer support life. Alone with no one caring about his precious Word. No one caring about Fire.

And as his last Word-force disentegrated, and his soul with it, Belial found himself, for the first time in 20,000 years, crying.

And as his last Celestial Force broke apart, Belial's last thought...

running over and over in his mind...

was of a wheel of fire, forever turning in the warm light of Heaven.


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