Breziahel, Angel of Gang Enforcers

By James Walker


"Welcome to the Corporeal. Your work with me will be important, if somewhat - strange.

Humanity has changed somewhat since I first gained my Word. How humans function during crisis is mostly instinctive, which is why my Word has survived, but social evolution has made things more complicated.

You see, societies originally disintegrated due to external pressures, or internal violence. Hell was often behind this, and always took advantage of it. We had to respond. That was my job - to help the humans rebuild. As a Dominican, that meant ensuring Law and Order. Of course, in times of crisis, humans tend to follow anyone who sounds like they know what they're doing; and order is maintained by the human with the biggest weapon. Not a problem; within a couple of generations even the most muscle-headed barbarian has been replaced by a more subtle ruler. People tend to think of my best work as being during the Dark Ages; building societies out of the barbarian tribes which had overrun the Empire. I get more support if I simply accept their praise; in honesty, though, I think the humans could have done that themselves. But it was a good time.

Better than the Empire. I don't like empires. You see, empires rot; they're so big that a section can disintegrate without leaving the empire. So you end up with large tracts of countryside, or sections of cities, with no real affiliation to the rest of the nation. Worse, they have no one to turn to; no one to enforce the rules.

So, I create such organisations. Of course, this organisations are often 'illegal' - however, as an angel I am not subject to human laws and have Dominic's personal permission to do so. The organisations I create ensure that a rough form of justice prevails; create a sense of community, purpose and order. Important work.

Hmm? A question? Yes, this is normally handled by David's Servitors. But you must understand, David is more concerned with human unity; my job is to ensure that the rules are obeyed. Humans are not terribly bright, and normally need to be taught simple rules first. Things like: Do Not Cheat Us Out Of Our Cut! It is an ideal rule. It allows us to root out humans overly affected by Greed, and can be punished swiftly. Further, the ability to strengthen our Roles while enforcing the rules is useful for our duties - and the War.

I do not know what the future holds. Normally, the spread of my Word - of the gangs - indicates that the society is about to break down, be overrun; that it is time for the gangs to become the new nations. This time feels different. For starters, of course, there is no "outside" - no barbarian wastes to overrun the world. More importantly, my current proteges have networks which cross the boundaries of many nations. Perhaps they are the government of the future? They are the ideal for solving international problems. 'We solved the river pollution problem by making them an offer they couldn't refuse' has potential."

- Breziahiel, Angel of Gang Enforcers


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