Consider the Lightbringer

By Rolland Therrien



Yes, I've heard of this "Consider" series of Interviews. I decided to participate, just for fun. I hope you appreciate the trouble I've gotten through for you. The Lord of Hell has a busy schedule.

First off, let me get THIS record cleared out: I am NOT Gay. I don't know how that idea got started out, but I've been meaning to ask Andrealphus, Kobal and Nybbas about it for a while now. Being a Celestial, I don't even conceptualize Sex as you humans would understand it. So stop thinking of me as this foppish, "Sensitive" gay man. ...I have a personal section of Hell reserved for the people who promote this idea...

Now, onto the REAL matter of this Interview. Why did I rebel against God?

Quite simply, because I wanted to. You see, God gave all of us Celestials independant thinking ability; I believe he merely intended to make us tools capable of self-supervision or something, but either by design or choice, he made us capable of understanding his orders, and to choose to obey or disobey them.

So when God commanded us to give up the World we Angels had spent ages working on, just to hand it over to the glorified Apes called Humanity, I chose to say No. When the other Angels kept arguing with me to fall back into Line, I spoke with them and convinced others to follow me in defiance. When God, via the Metatron, demanded I swallow my Pride and bow my knee... I simply killed Metatron, and sparked the Rebellion. I knew exactly what I was doing.

...Of course, getting my butt kicked by Michael before falling from Heaven to Hell wasn't part of the plan, but one can't expect everything, of course. Except maybe for God.

...Yes, you heard me right, I said Maybe. Because I don't believe God is Omnipotent and Omniscient, contrary to Heaven's "official" line. Why? ...If it were so, would I be here, defying God openly as I am? ...Would not have God destroyed me and eradicate my very memory from the face of the Symphony, if he or she were truly All-Mighty?

No, obviously God isn't as "All Powerful" as he pretends to be. More likely, he's probably a very old Celestial, perhaps even the First Celestial, with access to tools and methods enabling him to have control over the Symphony as he does. I aim to wrestle this control and make it mine. And I WILL make it mine, this I promise.

I've already figured out a few tricks, thanks to my "examination" of Metatron's remains. Such as Words. I figured out how to give and take Superior-level words, such as The War and Lust, after figuring out how to give myself a new Word, more powerful then all the others...

What is my Word, you ask? ...Why, didn't you guess? It's Darkness. I am the Prince of Darkness, am I not? And it is a word that fits me well, as the first Balseraph. As the Light reveals truth, I bind it with my words, my Lies. As the Shadows create cold and mystery and fear, so do I.

Which reminds me, there's this new Djinn Princess wannabe, with the word of "Shadows" in her mind. ...Stands too close to my own word, I'll have to deal with her soon.

What, you think I give Words at random or something? Not at all. Unlike God, I do not have so large a reserve of Essence as I suspect he wields. Though all of Hell feeds me Essence, I must be careful to hoard what I hold, lest I am deprived when I am in most need.

I am most careful in choosing what Words I grant, and to whom. I can not afford to waste precious Essence in giving someone a Word he or she is unfitting to hold. Why should I waste a good word like "Decay" on some shlob who wouldn't use it to it's full potential?

Look at the Princes I've raised so far: Asmodeus plays the Game I've set for him with so much devotion, I don't even need to watch over him. I just do so out of habit. I saw Nybbas, looked at his invention, and realised this Impudite had a lot of potential for Princedom. ...And I was right. Overall, the Princes of Hell serve their purpose, which is to be my personal tools in my war against God and his flunkies.

Of course, they can only do so as long as they don't become a threat to my power. Fortunately, they tend to keep one another in check. I've played the Princes well enough for that: Asmodeus keeps watch over elements that threaten to betray Hell, while Malphas keeps Hell itself divided into factions too small to hoard power. Kobal and Kronos compete for a position at my Right hand, and that's how I like it; it keeps either from wanting to depose me.

At times, there have been a few threats here in Hell, but I insured, through very subtile manipulation, that the other Princes would remove them for me. Such as Mariel, dear old Mariel. Her obsession with destroying everything was becoming bothersome, so I indulged Kobal in his suggestion to elevate Haagenti to a Princely level, while aiming the beast at the Princess of Oblivion. It all worked out nicely, in the end.

Of course, not all is well, even in my world. There's Lillith, to whom I owe my Freedom, and whom I still cannot control, the damned cow... But she will one day FULLY serve me, I promise you. And then there's Valefor. ...He thinks he's pulled the wool over my eyes, but I KNOW his secrets... He'll find I'm not so easily decieved.

And then there are the Revelations... Those Damned Revelations... Those prophesies of my own inevitable defeat... They must be a Lie. They HAVE to be a Lie...

...Aren't they?


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