The Garou

By Ryan Roth


Dominic sat in a small room in the higher reaches of his cathedral. Before him was a large book -- on each page was a complete description of thousands upon thousands of pending cases of Law, both in the mortal realm and in the Heavens. The Archangel sat quietly and was giving each case his full attention and review, which meant that he was turning pages every twenty seconds or so. The Law required that he take his time, you see.

His reading was interrupted by the sound of small wings flapping. He turned his attention to an upper window where a large raven had just alighted.

"We must talk" said a powerful voice, though no words were spoken.

"Ah, Jordi. What can I do for the Lord of Beasts? Have you come to offer Confession and seek Absolution?"

The voice, while saying nothing, carried several strong notes of utter distain that anyone in the room could hardly fail to notice.

"No. A Servitor. Yours. Asking questions. About my Children. My Garou. Threatening them. Their existance. You break your promise."

"Ah." spoke the Seraph, seeing the source of Jordi's irritation. "I have already taken care of that. I have directed my Servitor's attention elsewhere."

"What was he told?"

Sighing, the Seraph elaborated. "Simply that the Garou were the special provice of both yourself and Lady Novalis. Which is perfectly true and all he needs to know. Our agreement regarding them still stands."

There was a long silence.

"I do not trust. Not you. They are mine. My children. My Watchers. You care not for them. You exiled them. But I will protect. From you. >From anyone. Do not threaten again." This was punctuated by the abrupt flight of the raven from the sill.

Dominic sighed once again. It was hard for Jordi to understand, he knew. Hard for the Lord of all Animals to except that anyone cared for his charges as much as he did. But Dominic did care, after all; that's why he and Jordi came to an agreement about them.

What few in Heaven realized was that there was room in Judgement for both Pity and the possibility of Rehabilitation. And so there was room for these things in Dominic as well. Which is why Dominic still kept tabs on the Grigori, his own and every other Archangels'. Including Jordi's Garou and their kin. Because Dominic was waiting and hoping each new day would be the day that he would be able to mitigate the sentence and allow them to come home.

They were exiled together, and therefore none would return until they all could. That was their last request, and he had granted it. Until that day, though, they would remain on Earth. And he would continue to meet with them, every week. To see if they had earned Heaven once again.

Speaking of which, Dominic thought, it's time. The Seraph closed his book and transported himself away to the first in a long line of meetings with the Eighth Choir.


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