Final Transmission, Pt. 1

By Michael Cleveland


From: Alcenor, Kyriotate of War - Intelligence Division
To: Michael, Archangel of War
CC: Laurence, Archangel of The Sword
Re: Recon Operation X11095AZ

Preface - The following file is a transcript of a recording found in central Peru on July 13, 2001. The recording has been identified as the mission recorder of Recon Unit X11095AZ with a 87% percent chance of certainty. Further analysis of the recorder will be impossible as all hard copy files and recordings have been personally confiscated by the Archangel of Judgment as of 19:31 hrs. I have also appended additional commentaries where information not contained in the transcript has become available. I feel it of pressing significance to include that the Archangel of Judgment has specifically ordered me not to give out information regarding this operation and to inform him if anyone should come looking for it. By sending you this file, I am in violation of an Archangelic decree. I hope you find this as disturbing as I did, and that I survive to continue to serve.

Beginning File Transfer

Tuesday, May 29, 2001 - 05:30
Team Leader Seraph Mulcav speaking -

Due to loss of contact with several servitors of Animals and Flowers in the local region, Recon Team has been ordered to the area to sweep for signs of Diabolical influence and to attempt to reestablish contact with missing servitors. At local celestial's request, team X113 has been ordered to reinforce us. Uncertain as to reason reinforcements were requested as my team has seen heavy combat before, but Elohite Zola reports that local Animal and Flower servitors show an unusually high level of fear. Attempts to ascertain causes have proven inconclusive, but the rest of the team attributes it to choice of Superiors.

Have received additional orders from ranking Flowers servitor. Ordered to bring 3 Soldiers with us as guides to the forest. Am uncertain as to the wisdom of this decision, but have been assured that the Soldiers are well versed in local geography and are capable of maintaining stealth quotient. Symphony rings true, but still feel uneasy.

Saturday, June 2, 2001 - 05:30
Secondary Tracker Kyriotate Simone speaking -

We've been searching for 4 days now, but have found little to no signs of the Flowerchildren or the Animalkin. Primary Tracker Lytal is concerned that we have found so few traces, however I am still not convinced that we are in the right search area. Ofanim Dylan and Migia insist that we are still on the right track, as are the soldiers that we brought with us.

The forest here is much denser than we anticipated, and travel has been slower than we had planned. Having to stop to allow the humans to sleep has further hindered our progress, but I must admit that the decision to bring them along was wise. Malakite Kyra nearly lost her vessel due to not listening to Denise's warnings about quicksand. Mulcav has stated that he believes that this is a fool's errand and that the missing angels will either show up in Heaven or wander back into the encampment that we are heading for any day now.

I don't know why, but for some reason I tend to doubt it.

Sunday, June 3, 2001 - 19:43
Tertiary Tracker Kyriotate Mylda speaking -

We've reached the forward encampment that we were told about. There's dust everywhere - this place hasn't been used for a long time. Our human associates seem concerned, as does Zola for some reason. Reports indicated that this place was a hotbed of native activity, but if that's so, then something is definitely wrong.

We've found some evidence to support the idea that there were children here at some point, as we've found several drawings and pictures hanging on the walls. Nobody told us that they had children out this far in the jungle. But then again, if better records and accountings had been kept by Flowers and Animals, we wouldn't be out here, now would we?

Nellie, the only Mercurian in the group, seems concerned about something. She isn't speaking about it, but I've noticed that she has a tendency to chew on her lip when something is bothering her. I imagine that if she believes it important, she'll make sure to let us know.

Monday, June 4, 2001 - 02:08
Tactical Support Agent Malakite Kyra speaking -

Malakite Zephram has gone missing. No one remembers seeing him leave, but the last time any of us can place him is 01:15. Cherub Omalia reported that she has an attunement on him, but could not place precisely where he was. She then became agitated and started shaking her head violently - when I questioned her about it, she just kept saying that something was very wrong and insisted that we had to find him.

The Kyriotates have spread out trying to find him, but Mulcav has insisted that all of them retain one vessel here in the encampment. Nellie has been sticking close to the humans, which is typical for a Mercurian, but it seems almost like they're comforting her, rather than the other way around. Michelle, one of the soldiers, has privately told me that she's got a feeling that something is seriously wrong out here.

I'm beginning to understand what she means.

Monday, June 4, 2001 - 08:47
Soldier of God Robert Davila speaking -

This isn't the proper thing to say about angels of War, but these people are freaked out.

I don't know what to make of it - the Cherub has been reversing directions on an almost hourly basis. She says that she's attuned to the Malakite that vanished, but it's almost as if she's walking in circles. The two wheels have been trying to help her, but I'm seeing looks of powerlessness on their faces too. I've been told by Nellie that Ofanim can't track a person the same way that a Cherub can, but this seems different.

The Seraph in charge of things is really getting on us to pick up the pace. I guess that once he lost one of his own people in this operation, the reality of it sunk in. Myself, I understand the reality of this all too well - if I die in the line of duty, it's not like I have a guarantee of coming back, after all. I could really use a break - the girls didn't manage to get any sleep, and neither did I. Duty calls, of course...

Tuesday, June 5, 2001 - 03:45
Team Leader Seraph Mulcav speaking -

I have decided to make camp for the night to allow the soldiers to get some sleep if they are able. The decision was made easier in a way by the fact that Omalia has now lost her attunement on Zephram. I am now quite certain that we have hostile forces out here - Zephram would not have simply walked off for no reason. All attempts to contact him have failed for the past three hours, and I am forced to declare him a loss. Hopefully, once we complete our assignment, we will find him in Heaven waiting for us.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001 - 04:01 Team Leader Seraph Mulcav speaking -

Zola started screaming earlier, pointing out into the woods and cowering behind the two wheels. Lytal and Simone have been out in the direction that she pointed in, but have found nothing out of the ordinary. I am at a loss to explain what could have caused the Elohite to react in such a manner, but I do not need her resonance to see the terror on her face. She keeps asking us if we saw 'it'. I do not know what she is talking about, and I do not believe that anyone else does either. She has been unable to describe what she saw to me, but I have the distinct impression that whatever she claims to have seen may have been a delusion brought on by the stress of the situation.

Tuesday, June 5, 2001 - 23:16
Support Agent Elohite Zola speaking -

My associates have told me of an incident that occurred this morning, which I am at a loss to explain. I find myself with a gap in my memory approximately twenty minutes long, during which time this supposed 'panic attack' occurred. Were we not in the middle of a mission, I would request to have myself examined by several other Elohim to have my mental stability checked. I mentioned this to Mulcav, and he agreed that once the assignment was over he would see to it that I was given the requisite time off. Zephram told me that this happens from time to time, and that I should be fine. The calm that he displays during this time of stress is refreshing, and I believe that a few hours on patrol with him will help bring my psyche back into equallibrium.

(Intelligence note - Low-level analysis of the recording showed signs of a sonic disturbance somewhere in the background during this section of the recording. We have been unable to identify its source or type.)

Wednesday, June 6, 2001 - 05:30
Acquisition Officer Ofanite Migia speaking -

Zola has gone missing. She left to get some additional firewood around 04:00, and has not been seen or heard from since. Omalia has managed to keep her attunement stable this time, and has reported that she has her position some twelve miles from here. I find this somewhat odd as I know for a fact that Zola doesn't have Celestial Motion, which is the only way she could have covered that much ground so quickly.

Something is seriously screwed up around here. There's no way that we can back out of this operation, but I've got to admit that the thought of just taking the dissonance and getting out of here before any one else just drops off the face of the Earth.


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