Final Transmission, Pt. 2

By Michael Cleveland


Wednesday,June 6, 2001 - 11:00
Primary Tracker Kyriotate Lytal speaking -

We've found some strange sigils carved into a tree. The Cherub says that she's never seen anything like them, and I have to agree with her. It's not Angelic or Helltongue, or any other language I've seen before. I tried utilizing a song of Corporeal Tongues on myself to read it, but I've told everyone else that it doesn't help. And that's completely true.

What I failed to mention was the way that the sigils started moving of their own accord when I started looking at them. I've managed to convince everyone else that this is just the work of our enemies, trying to make us stop and try to figure things out. That, or trying to scare us. If they're trying to do the latter, they're doing a damn good job. Those sigils gave me a headache something fierce, and it's not just in these vessels.

I keep hearing something out there in the woods. No one else is hearing it, but I know it's out there somewhere. This is not just in my head. I know it.

(Intelligence note - that sonic disturbance is back again. We've started trying to isolate it, but the analysts are having problems picking it out.)

Wednesday, June 6, 2001 - 11:05
Primary Tracker Kyriotate Lytal speaking -

I want to get out of here. Now.

Robert, one of the soldiers who came with us, is dead. I told everyone else that he fell out of the tree, but the real truth is that I pushed him. His eyes... they looked fine when they saw him on the ground, but when he climbed up into the tree to take a look at the symbols, he touched one of them. If you've ever seen the movie Pitch Black, think about that character Riddick. The one who has his eyes mirrored and blackened. That's what his eyes looked like when he touched that thing.

I've never seen anything like it, and I pray to God Almighty that I never do again. But I swear that when he turned to look at me and started to open his mouth, I just knew that if I heard what he had to say that I was going to be following in Zola and Zephram's footsteps. I'm pushing for an abort of this mission, as of now. I can't tell the others what I saw - they'll just think that I'm crazy.

Maybe they're right. I sure as hell hope so.

(Intelligence note - The sonic's still there, but we can't lock it down yet. Three different analysts are picking up different signatures, so it's apparently quite complex.)

Thursday, June 7, 2001 - 05:30
Team Leader Seraph Mulcav speaking -

We are walking in circles. Dylan and Migia are claiming that they are unable to find our trail back to the encampment. I do not understand how this is possible, but I have to privately admit that I no longer doubt them.

After I detected that Lytal was lying to me about what had happened with Robert, I decided to query the Symphony about the meaning of those sigils using the songs of Symphony. I would normally have saved the essence, but given the circumstances and the vehemence with which Lytal attempted to abort the mission, I felt it justified. I asked a relatively simple question to my mind - what did those sigils on the tree mean?

The answer I received was a hissed, almost serpentine voice which said "Nothing but words." I have never heard anything that chilled me to my bones before, but that managed to do it. I am specifically not asking the Symphony for its opinions again until I can get that voice out of my head. The Symphony has never sounded quite the way it does now, and although I have ordered us to continue on, I truly agree with Lytal's assessment.

Apparently, we are screwed.

(Intelligence note - We are detecting a form of Symphonic warping, similar to the effects one encounters after an exceptionally large disturbance. It is possible that this could have affected the team's capabilities to perceive Symphonic effects.)

Saturday, June 9, 2001 - 19:20
Extraction Agent Ofanite Dylan speaking -

We have been trying to fix the recorder after the past 2 day's events. This mission has collapsed. Those of us that are left have told Mulcav that if we don't find the people we're looking for by noon tomorrow, he can shove this assignment. We were sent out here to find the infernal forces, after all. And apparently, they found us instead.

The two remaining soldiers, Denise and Michelle, just lost it today. They started screaming and yelling, and then turned on Nellie. Tore her apart - literally. I didn't believe it until I saw their eyes. Was like staring into outer space - the light just kinda fell into empty sockets. The way they moved, too... it was like a Shedite possession taken way the hell too far. Heads turned further than they should have, legs dislocating in ways that should have taken them down. Was like something out of a bad horror flick, except that this time there wasn't an off button for the VCR. The three Kyrio's managed to take them down, but there were a few seconds there where I really wasn't sure of the outcome.

Migia died today as well. At least, I think she did. She was charging at Denise full speed, and then... and then she just wasn't there anymore. Didn't get touched, didn't Motion out, didn't ascend... just one moment she was there and the next, poof! Omalia says that she's alive, but that she's not coming back. I don't know what that means, but for some reason it scares the hell out of me.

The weirdest thing about all this is the way that the humans died. When they were finally taken down, there wasn't any sort of disturbance at all. Even when someone's possessed, there's a disturbance. But here, the Symphony didn't even make a peep. But then again, the Symphony sounds just wrong right around now. I haven't told Mulcav 'cause I know he's just as freaked as I am, but right now I can't use my resonance on anything outside line of sight. I don't know how we're going to get out of here.

Did you hear that?

(Intelligence note - The sonic is back again, and I've got some disturbing data on it. This is incomplete at best, but I've got no one else who'll touch it left. The sound is being heard differently by everyone that hears it, but it has a definitely negative effect on the mind of whoever hears it. We ran it through a few computer systems at Jeantech, and it sounds like muttering mixed in with giggling of some sort. There's absolutely nothing like it in any database we have access to. We'll keep you posted.)

Sunday, June 10, 02:15
Team Leader Seraph Mulcav speaking -

That's it. We're leaving. Screw this.

There is something out there in the woods. I can see movement out there, but we can't find a source for it. Omalia has vanished, and I'm down to 6 people out of an original 14, myself included. The Symphony has become silent in my ears, as well as to the rest of my team. I think that there isn't any choice left but to return directly to Heaven and explain this to Michael. He may be upset, but we'll be alive to hear him scream at us.

(Intelligence note - As of this point, all Symphonic activity on the mission recorder has ceased. Background noise indicates that there is that muttering sound that we've been picking up, as well as some sort of rhythmic pulse every couple of seconds.)

Sunday June 10, 02:17
Team Leader Seraph Mulcav speaking -

Dear God.

We can't ascend to Heaven. We're trapped here. There's... ment in the... we are tr... but there's littl... we can not... oh g... the sten... summoning failed... somebo... try again.. we must hold the... we have to... help, plea.... he....

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