A Good Day For Hell

By Rolland Therrien


Sometimes, Belial had to admit, those little monkeys could warm his heart.

He'd heard through his Servitors infiltrated into the world's Terrorist Organisations about the Attacks as they were being planned, but unlike his usual habit of taking direct control of a project, he decided to use a "hands off" approach, in case it went South on him. Wisest choice he'd ever made, it turned out.

He multi-tasked to watch the whole event unveil, using some Vessels at each key location, and waited. At 8:56 AM, the waiting first paied off, as he saw the first plane crash on top of the North tower. Knowing more was to come, he decided to take a short walk around town, trying not to look to conspicuous as he enjoyed the reaction of the citizens, then, at 9:40am, went on top of a roof with a view, and, as the second plane crashed into the middle of the South tower on Live Television, cheered "Ha! That one's for you, Nybbas!"

He then went back down to get a closer view of the carnage, mustering as much acting ability as he could to avoid looking too happy about the sight, then, at 9:53 am, shifted his attention to the Vessel he had in the Washington monument, and watched as another plane crashed into the Pentagon. That one wasn't as satisfying, as fewer people died, but he enjoyed the sight of the terrified people just the same.

He focused his attention back in New York, where the blaze was still burning hotly, and where rescue efforts were underway. And then, at 10:05 AM, he grinned as he saw the first tower collapse, right on top of the rescue operations that were underway. And again at 10:28 AM when the second tower collapsed.

He felt some disappointment when the 4th plane never made it's target, suspecting Angelic involvement, but he still felt very happy with his day. Especially when he saw Gabriel walking amongst the ruins of the collapsed World Trade Center, the death of so many innocents grating in her ears to the point she barely noticed him.

"I figured you'd come here, Gabby...", the Prince said as he snuck up on her. She had collapsed onto her knees, rocking back and forth, barely registering him through the word dissonance. "I'm having a wonderful time here, just watching all this beautiful carnage... My word's getting one heck of a boost, I'm telling you... And you know the best part?" Gabriel suddenly turned to look at him through teary eyes, almost begging for some explination. "I didn't have to lift a single finger... All this wonderful destruction was planned, prepared and executed... By Humans!" He grinned and leaned forward to look Gabriel in the eyes, as he continued: "And even better... These Humans were Muslim... That's right, Gabby... Followers of the Religion YOU helped create! So, in a way, YOU're responsible for this! ...Isn't that ironic?"

Belial laughed loudly as he left the completly shocked and grief-stricken Gabriel, then turned Celestial and went back to Hell as he felt more Archangels arrive to investigate the situation. He'd already stabilized his new Tether, and had the pleasure to rub his victory into Gabriel's face. He didn't need another confrontation. Not when he'd already won.

Overall, Belial felt he'd had a very good day indeed...


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