An In Nomine Poem

By Philip Barkow


In a darker setting, it isn't a nice thing to be a Malakite in love.

You wish to know about who I am?
Very well, I shall tell you.
Not just about who I am, but about what I am.
There is a young lady I know
She is beautiful, talented and kind
These things are true
She is also a messy eater and a poor student
These things are also true
I desire her
Body, mind and soul
I happily spend hours listening to the sound of her voice
But I also want to drip melted chocolate onto her naked body,
Watching as she struggles helplessly against her bondage
I can not do this
I am bound
By honor and guilt
It hurts to think it
To take a step towards making it a reality, would be crippling
But I also want to protect her
To prolong her every joy
To banish her every pain
With my own blood, if needed
Even these things I must do sparingly
For she understands debt
So I let her repay me with small things
They are beautiful, and I treasure them sincerely
But I want so much more
Oh how I want
That is who I am
That is what I am
I am desire bound by chains of guilt and honor


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