A Disturbing Idea

By Rolland Therrien


Deep in his underground bunker, he could feel the rumbling of the explosions caused by the American bombing right into his bones. Oh, how he cursed the Americans and their high-tech weapons of doom. They had finally come into his adopted homeland and did the unthinkable; they had toppled his Taliban allies and aided the northern alliance in taking over the country. Even now, the remainder of his Al Quaeda forces were fighting a losing battle, and he knew his days were numbered. The only thing Osama bin Laden had left was to pray for a miracle, and wonder how he could've so underestimated America's resolve.

"Allah... Oh, Infinitly Merciful Allah... How could this be? How could you have taken your favor away from my faithful warriors, and favored the infidels?"

"Allah works in infinite ways, my friend... And I should know."

Osama leapt up at the sound of that voice and turned to look at a figure stepping out of the hallway's shadows and into his own inner sanctum. A figure clad in the traditional robes of an Islamic Scholar, with a pair of white, flowing wings serving as a cape. The figure pushed back its cowl to reveal its face, which resembled that of a short-beared man, of unprecise, yet unmistakingly Arabic origins. Osama instantly recognized his face and fell to his knees again.

"Lord Khalid... At last... Praise Allah, you've returned to aid me... "

Khalid simply looked down at the terrorist, his face remaining emotionless, his gaze staring deep into the man's heart, seeing his emotional state concerning his current situation: the american invasion, the Taliban's fall from power, the dismantling of his training camps in Afghanistan...

...And now, Khalid noticed, Osama was feeling confusion at the realization that Khlaid had done nothing to aid him since the September 11 bombings. A confusion that was turning into indignation even as he watched. Judging from Osama's current emotional state, Klahid chose his words carefully for the appropriate response:

"Yes, you're thinking correctly. I haven't come here to aid you, but to witness your inevitable destruction."

Osama rose from his kneeling position and yelled at the angel: "WHY!? Have I not done as you willed me to do? Have I not forged an army of retribution against the faithless Americans? Have I not fought hard to avenge the suffering of our people? And now you abandon us!?"

Khalid shook his head and simply walked around Osama, looking about the sanctuary chamber as he spoke. "Yes, yes you have. You've even surpassed my expectations last September, Osama. I can only assume Hell's infiltration into the ranks of Al Quaeda has had positive effects, for once..."

Osama was shocked by that comment. The forces of Iblis, infiltrating his loyal forces? The mere thought was unbelivable. But the Archangel continued before he could respond: "...But overall, the aftershocks of September 11 have had more positive effects then negative ones. Especially in America." He turned to look at the Terrorist leader and smiled. "It's ironic, really... in attempting to shatter the spirit and resolve of America, the attacks have had for effect to reunify a divided nation, dragging them out of self-destructive apathy, restoring their faith, not only in God and Heaven, but also the beliefs of their forefathers and the ideals of their nation."

Khalid stepped closer, looking the now stunned man in the face, and continued: "It's regrettable that so many innocent people had to die, but their sacrifice has not been in vain. America is now more open to God's forces then ever, as men and women all over the land have turned ever more to their priests, rabbis and mullahs for guidance and comfort."

Osama finally shook himself from his shock and frowned. "How... How can you celebrate for our enemies!? How can you rejoice at the thought that those infidels turn from Islam so?"

Khalid's eyes suddenly burned a bright white, causing the terrorist to stagger back as the Elohite's voice became more pronounced... "I am not the Archangel of Islam, bin Laden, although I favor that path most of all. I am the Archangel of Faith... of Faith in God, and as such is my duty to ensure that all People of the Book are faithful, be they of Abraham's tribes, Christ's disciples, or followers of Muhammed's teachings. And, although America's are not Heavenly inspired in and of themselves, they do promote the ways of Heaven's teachings through the freedoms they promote..."

Osama simply fell to his knees in disbelief. "But... but... What of Afghanistan? What of the land of the Faithful? What is to become of us?"

Khalid looked at him and smiled again, this time with the smile of a teacher reassuring a pupil. "The People of Afghanistan are celebrating their newfound freedom from the Taliban, Osama. The Taliban were tyrants who oppressed their nation and harmed anyone not upholding their extremist views. Sadly, they were a necessary evil, for this region to begin welcoming a more liberal and open regime..."

"You see, attacking America has caused its people to truly awaken to the plight of the people here in the Middle East. They have begun learning about Islam and its followers, if only to understand the truth of Muhammad's teachings and of the people of the Arab world. And with their renewed commitment to ending tyranny and suffering, America is certain to influence positive changes in the Middle East. All thanks to you..."

Osama blinked. "You... You mean you used me? ...Everything I have done, it was for nothing?"

Khalid shook his head, looking a bit sad. "No, not for nothing... Although I must confessed, I did mislead you as to the true goals of your organisation's actions. But rest assured, you have indeed served Allah well..."

Osama swallowed and looked up, a little hopeful. "Then... I have earned my place in Heaven? I have fulfilled my destiny?"

Khalid simply nodded. "Yes... As I've learned from the angels of Destiny, your dark fate was to plunge the earth into World War Three, which would've spread ruination throughout the Middle East as it raged. As you know, however, your Destiny was to spark the end of the misery of the people of Islam... And I suspect that things will will change for the better for Islam in the decades to come..."

Khalid then sighed and looked down at Osama "...But I'm afraid I have yet another sacrifice to ask of you, my friend..."

Osama's hopes suddenly fell. "What? What more do you want me to give?"

Khalid looked him in the eyes. "Heaven is not only for the followers of Islam, Osama. It is for all those who have achieved the Destiny Allah intended for them. But nevertheless, there are some appearances that need to be maintained... And having a terrorist leader in heaven would cause much controversy..."

Osama now looked fearful of what was next to come, as Khalid took a large dagger from his robe, and grabbed him by the neck, holding him tightly as he held up the blade. "This Dagger was specially made to cleave the human soul apart, scattering its Forces throughout the Symphony, bringing about final Soul Death... I'm sorry, Osama, but this is for the greater good..."

And before Osama could break away, Khalid stabbed him in the chest repeatedly. The man felt his soul being torn to shreds with each new thrust of the dagger, falling to his knees as the Archangel continued. As his Forces abandonned him, his last thoughts were for his wife and children, begging Allah to watch over them, to his followers, praising them for their loyalty even in defeat, to the people whom he had killed, begging their forgivness for his actions, and finally to Allah, committing what was left of his soul to the one above...

Khalid slowly rose from the soulless corpse, holding it's last force in his free hand, then looking up and hearing another rumbling. "That next bombardment should be enough to pierce through the cavern walls and incinerate your corpse, Osama... But fear not, you have not died in vain." He released the Force into the symphony, then returned the dagger to his cloak and returned to Heaven as the cavern complex was destroyed, erasing every last trace of Khalid's presence there...


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