Nybbas Strikes Back

By Benjamin Acosta (ben@hiwaay.net)


Nybbas, Prince of the Media, was not in a happy mood.

"Those backstabbing bastards! How dare they walk out on us like that. We had a contract! No one, and I mean no one, walks out on Hell like that and gets away with it. It's time we remind these dreamshades who the bosses are around here."

"What are we going to do, boss?"

"We're going to play hardball, that's what. First thing we'll do is cancel Lord of the Rings. I don't care how many strings we have to pull, that picture ain't coming to a theater near you. That ought to show those elves the power of the Media. Next, I want a new movie about Camelot made. One that'll drag those chivalrous bastards through the mud. We'll promote it as a gritty, more realistic portrayal of Authurian legend, that goes for historical authenticity. The critics will eat it up."

"What about Auberon and his crew, boss?"

"That's easy. We've already got that horror picture "Faeries" in the works, for our Unseelie pals. We'll just up the promotion budget and guarantee the sequels. And we'll make another sequel to Leprechaun while were at it. Straight-to-video, of course."

"Of course, boss."

"Good. And let's be proactive as well. I want our people to lean on the August Prosperity Collective, just in case they're getting any ideas. Put the word out that unless they stay on our side, all that juicy anime essence just might suddenly dry up. That ought to keep them in line. And drop the hint there might be bonuses for any of them who stops another from bolting. Just to give them an incentive."

"Gotcha, boss."

"I'll show those Ethereals you don't cross the Prince of the Media. When I'm through with them, they'll never work in this Symphony again!"


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