By Cameron McCurry


Please sit down. This story may take a while but I will try not to bore you with the trivial details.

I was one of the first Mercurians to be created by Novalis. It is truly difficult to describe how Heaven was back in those days. It was even more of a paradise than it is now; there was no War and no fighting over the souls of humans.

And there was one angel who I loved above all others. She was a Seraph, and we were devoted to each other in a manner that few angels understand. Every free moment we had was spent with each other. With the peace of Heaven and the joy of serving God, it was unthinkable that discontent could fester.

Then came the Rebellion. I know you have read about it and heard stories of it. I have little to say that would be new to you, little one, except my point of view. As a Servitor of Novalis, I could not bring myself to take up arms against another angel. I could not even bring myself to believe that it was angels who were destroying the Eternal City. How could we wage war against each other?

My shock and horror didn't stop me from doing what I had to do, however. I put myself in harm's way time and again to get the wounded away from the battle, heal those I could and comfort those I could not.

It was an Elohite of Michael's who gave me this spear. She had been torn open and her life was fading fast. Just as I was trying to ease her pain, I was pulled away by a pair of fangs in my neck. As I watched in horror, a pack of demons fell upon the Power and finished the job. I still hear the death scream once in a while.

I pulled myself free and found myself facing ...her. My beautiful Seraph, my love in this world. Her features had become cruel and she and her allies circled around me like wolves around a wounded animal. As they prepared to kill me, she gave me one chance to live. She pleaded for me to join her and strike back against Heaven. She told me of the power that we could have if we were strong enough to throw away our shackles.

I heard her words and felt sorrow at the loss of my love. My voice had left me and I could only shake my head in answer to what she offered. And then I heard a new sound in the Symphony. It whispered to me and gave me strength. In a few breaths, I was cleansed of my sorrow and filled with rage for the first time in my life. I could feel my part in the Symphony change as I embraced the power that filled me. As my form became shadowy and my wings turned black, I swore binding Oaths without hesitation.

And with my spear in my hand, I fell upon the demons.

I remember little else of that day. I only knew that I had waded into the thick of the battle and attacked without mercy and that was told to me by others who witnessed my charge. And I remember watching the demons fall from the edge of Heaven until my tears had blurred my vision. With a numb heart, I returned to the Glade to heal my wounds and to take comfort in the company of my fellow Servitors of Flowers.

If you remember nothing else of this conversation, little one, at least remember this. There will come a time when you have no choice but to use violence. And when you use violence, there may be a high price to pay that you will have to live with forever.

The Reliever sat on that spot in the Glade long after the old Malakite had left. She was flattered that such an old angel would acknowledge her and teach her something. And it was all because of one innocent question. She only wanted to know why he wore a golden white Seraph feather around his neck...


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