Sympathy for the Dominique

By Samovar


Dominique sat at her desk, wrapped in her black cloak, studying the report one of her Servitors had submitted. Were it anyone else, a frown of concentration would probably be visible, but not on her. She had never understood the reasons that humans did such a thing, the only reason she had ever done them was because Eli had told her that it would make others more comfortable and put them at ease. But, she hadn't spoken to him ever since he told her that he was going on walkabout in the Corporeal realm.

"I've got some things I need to sort out, Dommie," Eli said. "I'm gonna hang out on Earth for a while until they're done."

"Fine," Dominique said absently, reading a report. "I trust that you've made provisions for your Servitors?"

"Yeah, I've taken care of them," he said, smiling. "You take care now, you hear?"

"Do not aid Hell in any way," she reminded him. "No violence to humans, either. I do not wish to hear anything of that sort about you."

"So, you're telling me to 'be good?' You trust me, right?"

The thought of not trusting Eli had never occurred to her. "Of course."

Eli hugged her, causing her to blink in surprise. "Thanks. You have no idea what that means to me, to any of us."

A polite cough at the doorway drew Dominique's attention from her work. It was her highest-ranking Servitor, the Malakite Laurence. He made his customary gesture of respect to her.

"Most Holy, your appointment with Lady Novalis on the Corporeal Realm approaches," he said.

"Thank you, Laurence," she replied. "Do you feel that it is necessary to accompany me?"

"You are the appointed leader of Heaven's armies," he reminded her. "Your security is my concern. To not accompany you would be to fail in my duties."

Dominique rose gracefully. "Then, we shall meet Lady Novalis together."

Laurence followed Dominique and descended to the Tether closest to the meeting place. Dominique was in her usual tall, blonde female vessel. Laurence was in his customary vessel as well, that of a young man with dark hair and piercing eyes.

"Are we appropriately garbed for this meeting?" Dominique asked. "Novalis mentioned something about a 'dress code' at the location."

Laurence assured his Superior that their dress was appropriate.

The two went to the meeting place that Novalis had requested. The two were let in, and upon entering, were assailed by noise and cigarette smoke. Despite the crowd, Dominique knew exactly where Novalis was. She led Laurence there.

"Dominique!" Novalis exclaimed. "It's wonderful to see you!"

Novalis hugged Dominique who made a polite attempt at reciprocating the gesture.

"Laurence, it's a pleasure to see you again," Novalis continued, giving him a peck on the cheek.

Laurence blushed and made a gesture of respect.

Seeing his discomfort, she pointed out a man and said, "Abdriel is waiting there. Why don't the two of you talk shop, and Dominique and I will have our girl talk."

Dominique gave a slight nod, and Laurence went over to the Cherub who guarded Novalis.

"Would you care for a drink before we get down to business?" Novalis asked, already knowing that she would decline.

"No," came Dominique's expected response. "David has asked me to investigate why your servitors prevented his from performing an assault on a tether to Lust."

"Why does he think that I had anything to do with that?"

"It appears that one of your Seraph Masters of Peace was there doing a 'pole dance,' though I am unfamiliar with this term. Am I to believe that this is part of her role and she was there by coincidence, her presence unintentionally preventing David's Servitors from destroying the Tether?"

"You are aware of what I am attempting to do with Lust. Wanton destruction of one of his Tethers would be a setback. Also, visiting the Tether was the demon who had passed on the information regarding Makatiel. Thanks to that information, you were able to arrange with the Game to take care of Disease's pet project before it reached Earth."

"I see," Dominique said, digesting this information. "I believe that I shall be able to calm David."

The music changed, and Novalis leapt to her feet. "This is my favorite song, I have to dance. You too, Dominique."

Before Dominique could protest, she was dragged to her feet and pushed into Laurence's arms, while Novalis took Abdriel as her partner.

"C'mon, it'll be good for you," Novalis urged her.

There was no reasoning with her when she was like this, Dominique thought. It's best to humor her.

Dominique danced with Laurence. She let herself relax in his arms, paying him perhaps the ultimate compliment. The music ended, and she stepped away from him.

"My lady, you do me great honor," Laurence said, bowing.

"No more than you deserve," she replied.

Dominique and Novalis returned to their table.

"What is your progress with Lust?" Dominique asked.

"It goes slowly, but we knew that it would. I am making progress though, and I am convinced that he will return to us."

"Then, continue. Please, bring him back. Bring any of them back."

Novalis gave Dominique a worried look. This didn't sound like the usual Dominique.

"Is there something that you want to tell me?" Novalis asked, secretly grateful for her companion's Seraphic nature and inability to evade questions.

"Yes. I want to believe that I am doing well, but there are times when it is difficult..."

Novalis patted her hand. "My dear, you should have more faith in yourself. The rest of us do."

Their business concluded, Dominique and Laurence took their leave.

A few moments after they left the club, a beautiful man sat down across from Novalis.

"I could smell his desire for her from across the room," Andrealpheus said. "I take it that your dear general is blind to the feelings of those around her?"

Novalis nodded. "She hasn't yet realized that he's in l-"

"Don't say it," he interrupted. "You know our arrangement. You do not say that word around me."

Novalis was silent for a moment. "He cares for her. Not merely in the way that a Servitor cares for his Superior, but he cares for the individual. I approve of his devotion. If he had been created before the Fall, he would have been a Cherub, I'm sure of it."


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