Before The Fall?

By James Walker


The Cathedral of Light resounded with song. Secure as Archangel of Light, Lucifer sat back, listening to the music with pleasure. He had so much to do - there was always so much to do - but it was the anniversary of Timbul - the lighting of the first star. For a few hours he could relax, leave the administrative details behind, and simply remember what his Word was really about. It was so pleasant... "Star of The Morning, the Archangel of Valour wishes to speak to you.."

He sighed. He had managed to forget the wargame which Valour & War were staging - for some reason Baal always seemed to interrupt these moments of relaxation; he was too driven to realise how much Lucifer needed them. 'Very well. The I suppose I must - do this'.

And he remembered who he was, and where. The Cathedral disappeared, replaced by the sharp rocks and chilling wind of the Lower Hells; the Damned stood still, freezing, but unable to move - lobotomized so that they would sing when the Cathedral was present, and suffer mindlessly otherwise.

'No Baal' he mused, 'you'll never discover what I use my 10% of the Damned for - it would be bad for morale. But you should know better than to interrupt me - you'll pay for that.'

But he wasn't too upset. After all, it could be Timbul whenever he wanted: just one of the advantages of being a Balseraph.


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