Why do we have wings?

By Elizabeth McCoy


"Why do we have wings?" asked the little angel.

"Because we are angels."

"But demons have wings, too -- why are ours different?"

"Ah. That is the longer story. In the Beginning, there was Yves, who was mirror to God's perfection. But he was other than angel, per se. And so God created angels -- Seraphim, one two three four, all in a row. And they were of Truth, with many eyes to see truth, and long bodies uncluttered by the complexities of limbs."

"And wings!"

"(Hush -- I'm getting there.) But Seraphim, though beautiful and Most Holy, were too simple to delight God all alone. So He made Cherub, out of Love and Devotion, and that was a little more complex -- but not quite there yet. So He, like so many artists since, added a little Motion, and so Ofanite was. Then, in a burst of Inspiration, He made Mercurian, who seemed quite complex enough. And so, God rested."

"But what about the wings?"

"It is simple -- each Choir's apearance is because of its nature..."

"If you say angels fly because we take ourselves lightly..."

"No, no, not that. Our wings are like unto those of birds, befeathered. Demons fly upon naked wings of leather."

"(I knew that.)"

"(Hush.) The symbology is at once clear and subtle, simple and multi-faceted. Feathers work together to lift a bird. The naked wing, alone, cannot fly. So we are reminded that we do not fly alone. Further, feathers warm birds, as our Creator's love warms us. Demons, on the other hand, fly alone and cold."

"Why don't Ofanim have wings?"

"Look closely -- they do."

"Why don't Elohim have wings?"

"We don't need them to remind us," the older angel smiled.


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