At The Movies With Dominic and Michael

By Rolland Therrien


Scene: Dominic sitting with his kitten in his lap in a movie balcony, looking at something until he notices the camera, and peers into it, stroking it carefully.

Dominic: Greetings, and welcome to this first episode of "At the Movies with Dominic", where I, The Archangel of Judgement, and a random guest of the week, discuss and pass judgement on any given movies we've watched this week. And my first guest is...

He looks at the cue card, blinks, then looks at it again... then resonates it before finally tossing it in frustration at seeing it's not a prank, before he says:

Dominic (coldly): Michael, The Firstborn, Archangel of War...

Michael smirks as he walks onto the stage, taking a seat right next to Dom's, putting his feat up on the seat in front of it as he reaches over to pat Dom on the back.

Michael (smug): Hiya, Hyena! Ready for the first show?

Dominic (glaring at Michael): You just had to be on my first show, didn't you..?

Michael just grins at him, reaching down to wriggle his fingers at Hammurabi, who's trying to snatch them, mewing innocently before Dom shifts back to stare at the camera, visibly annoyed.

Dominic: A-hem... Anyway, our first movie selection, at Christopher's insistance, was Pokemon the Movie 3: Spell of the Unknown.

(Author's Note: Yeah, I saw it... I had nothing to do that Sunday, and Crocodile Dundee in LA lost the cointoss...)

Michael: Oh yeah, I saw that one too, like Chris asked me before I signed up for this. Not a bad movie, actually.

Dominic: Well, I don't know what you saw in it, but I found it needlessly long and tired... It felt more like a simple episode of Pokemon Jotoh, stretched out over an hour and a half, rather then an interesting movie...

Michael: Well, I agree that it wasn't any Award winner, but it was a nice way to spend an afternoon, watching all those Pokemon fights and all...

Dominic (muttering): Figures you'd like those pointless slugfests...

Michael: Pardon me?

Dominic (smirks): Don't press your luck. (Normally again) Anyways, I felt that movie was somewhat uninteresting; the first few Pokemon fights had little to do with plot advancement, and the last one was only midly interesting...

Michael: Ok, I'll give you that. And now that you mention it, they didn't have a whole lot of character development in that movie, either.

Dominic: It's Pokemon, Mike... It's not like we're talking about the Miles Vorkosgian saga here... The amount of character growth done by characters in Pokemon across all the seasons and movies would fit about a single season in any other show...

Michael: You're always so critical about these things, Dom. You really should learn to relax and just enjoy the show sometimes.

Dominic: And what's with Team Rocket, anyways? Are they still supposed to be villains or something else? They didn't do anything in this movie, except hang around in the background. Heck, take them out of the movie and the plot resolves itself almost identically.

Michael: OK, now there I have to agree: That Pokemon show needs better villains, in my opinion. Jesse and James are good, but as it is, they just seem like poor rip-offs of Boris and Natasha to me.

Dominic: ...Right. And then there's the prologue movie, "Pikachu and Pichu", which was cute and sweet.

Michael: Yes, very sweet.

Dominic: Sickeningly sweet, wouldn't you say?

Michael: Thank God Celestials don't suffer from Diabetes...

Dominic: Yes... I'm sure Iolanthe got some Essence rush from that short...

Michael: What do you know, we finally agree on something...

Dominic: I'm sure the Ofanites have stopped spinning, Firstborn. ...Anyways, from the handsigns our director's making, I'd say our time's almost about up. In conclusion, I gave Pokemon 3 a Thumbs Down: unimaginative, uninteresting and overall not worth your time, I judge.

Michael: Well, I'll give it a thumbs up, but only to contradict you. If you have a free afternoon, you might want to bring the kids to see it, they'll go nuts for it. Well, I might as well go now. Catch'ya at the Council Meetings, Hyena!

Michael gets up and walks off, leaving Dominic to glare as he leaves, before turning back to the Camera.

Dominic: Well, that's all the time we have here "At the Movies with Dominic", but be sure to come back next week, when my guest will not be Michael, God willing. Until then, the Balcony has been found Closed.

Fade to black, with a VO of Dom: Get me whoever's responsible for inviting the Guest Hosts, NOW...


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