At The Movies With Dominic And Blandine

By Rolland Therrien


Fade in: The balcony of a movie theater in Heaven, currently remodeled with an Egyptian theme. Dominic is currently sitting in the balcony, turning to the Camera. For the occasion, His normally bland robes have received the addition of a few items of Egyptian Jewelry, and as he lifts his head, a golden egyptian mask covers the normally dark void with multiple eyes he normally has for a face. His kitten is all curled up in his lap, dressed in egyptian cat-wear.

Dominic: "Greetings, movie lovers, and welcome to this special edition of "At the Movies with Dominic." As you may have deduced by the current decor and my altered garb, today's episode will focus on the new blockbuster movie launched this Weekend, "The Mummy Returns". And my special guest for today, is an Archangel who is most familiar with things of Egypt and other Ethereal Pantheons, Blandine, Archangel of Dreams."

Dominic turns to his side and the camera pans into the formerly empty seat, now taken by Blandine, wearing her usual diaphanous robes, only now with some Egyptian jewelry decorating it.

Dominic: "Greetings, Blandine, and welcome to my show."

Blandine: "Greetings, Dominic. It's a pleasure to be here. I hope you don't mind, I also invited a friend, who's a bit more of an expert in Ancient Egyptian culture then I am."

Dominic blinks behind his mask: "I dread to ask... Who?"

A purr is suddenly heard on Dominic's other side, as a furry hand reaches to gently scritch the Kitten behind the ears, causing the Seraph to turn around and see the anthropomorphic (and scantly clad) feline form of the Egyptian Cat-Goddes Bast, who's currently causing The Kitten to purr gently as it's getting caressed. Dominic is obviously shocked.

Dominic: "WHA-!? Bast!? How did-" He turns back to Blandine. "Blandine, what is the meaning of this!? Ethereals aren't supposed to be able to enter Heaven!"

Blandine starts to smile slyly: "Oh, but Dominic... Surely you're aware that Laurence has begun recruiting Ethereals to serve Heaven, aren't you? Bast is amongst the Egyptian Deities who was willing to join Heaven's cause and serve under me, which is why I am currently protecting her."

(Alt Version) "Surely you're aware that Galahad has allowed us to change that rule, are you not? Bast has willingly been recruited and converted into an Angel by The Holy Grail."

Dominic resonnates the Truth of Blandine's statement, then grumbles as he slumps back into his seat.

Dominic: "Right... fine... why should this episode be any different from the rest..." He regains his composure. "Ok... in any case, we're currently here to review the newly released "The Mummy Returns," starring Brandon Frasier and Rachel Weltz, reprising their roles as Rick O' Conner and Evelyn, now his wife, the both of them now raising their nine year old son Alex, played by screen newcomer Freddie Boath. When circumstances lead to the resurrection of Imhotep the Mummy, played by Arnold Vosloo, also reprising his old role, they have to beat him in a race to the Pyramid of the Scorpion, an evil Force born of dark ritual magics, before Imhotep can seize that power and bring ruin to the World..."

Bast smiles and nods, as she continues to pet and cuddle the Kitten, who's crawled unto the armrest between her and Dominic: "Yeah, that was a pretty good movie, lotsa excitment and adventure, along with some comedy and drama! I have to say, though, they got some of the details wrong: Anubis isn't really a Dark God... or at least, he wasn't until Saminga made him an offer he couldn't refuse..." She starts to frown and work into a growl, until she catches the Archangels looking at her, then smiles and brightens up. "But I digress. Also, I don't remember Pharaohs having their wives and daughters duel with Sais, but I guess they took some liberties for the sake of fun... Not that I mind, really. I did get a positive mention in the first one." She starts to grin and purr like a kitten herself, as the camera pans to Blandine.

Blandine nods: "I'm no fan of horror movies, as one can imagine, but I can't help but find myself liking this movie, as it doesn't encourage Fear, but Courage, which eats at Beleth's own Word..." She starts to smile almost viciously as she says this, then catches her self and coughs to cover herself. Both Bast and Dominic give each other an "Oh Brother" look. "...Ahem. I also enjoyed the wonderfully made CGI effects, which were vastly improved from the last, but didn't take away anything from the dramatic action of the great work of the actors."

Both females turn to Dominic, almost expecting some blasting remarks about something, but he calmly adds: "I Must agree with the both of you. While this movie certainly isn't going down in history as one of the great classics, I found that it was fast paced and action-packed, with some good character development on the part of all the characters. While Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)'s character had a very short amount of screen time for the hype tied to him, I didn't find his absence all that distracting. I also found the production crew successfully managed to make this new movie even better then the original. Overall, a very good Film."

Both Bast and Blandine blink a bit at Dominic's words. He turns to them both, then shrugs. "Hey, I'm allowed to like good movies, aren't I?"

The two females chuckle at that remark, as Dominic turns back to the Camera. "Well, All in all, I think we can agree that The Mummy Returns has earned itself two thumbs up." A cough is heard to his right. "My apologies... Three thumbs up. In any case, this has been our review, thank you for watching, and I would like to thank my guests..."

Bast puts the Kitten back into Dominic's lap and smiles at him. "It was a pleasure, Nikky. Look me up sometimes, will'ya? I just love cat-people." She gives him a sly wink, then walks away, the camera delaying a bit on her backside, until a cough from Dominic makes it pan back.

Dominic: "Ahem... Yes... Blandine, any last..." He turns to see that Blandine has disappeared just as mysteriously as she appeared. "Of course... Well, in any case, until next time, the Balcony is closed. Thank you for watching."

As the Camera fades to black, we hear the Kitten mewling, before Dominic answers "No, I have no intention of asking that cat-goddess out, stop asking..."


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