Celestial Gatherings

By C. McLaren


Of course, there are plenty of other possibilities for each of these, but this is my list...

A contribution of Bright Lilim
A cherish of Cherubim
A restraint of Elohim
A watch or a population of Grigori
A plurality of Kyriotates
An honor or a slaughter of Malakim
An embrace of Mercurians
A race of Ofanim
A lecture of Seraphim

A persuasion of Balseraphs
An explosion of Calabim
A fixation of Djinn
An excitement of Habbalah
A touch or a gathering of Impudites
A license or an exchange of Lilim
A corruption of Shedim

A reverie or a hope of Blandinians
A nursery or an innocence of Christopherians
A palette of Creationers
A foundation or a stand of Davidians
A court of Dominicans
A pyre of Gabrielites
A front or a flurry of Janusites
A current or an experiment of Jeanites
A pack or a herd of Jordites
A pilgrimage of Khalidians
A consecration of Laurencians
A proclamation of Litherovians
A bank of Marcites
A maneuver or a force of Michaelites
A field or a bouquet of Novalians
A promise of Yvesites (Destinians?)

A mystery of Alaemonites
A body of Andrealphans
A bureau of Asmodeans (or a set of Gamers)
A march or a battalion of Baalites
A fright or a ward of Belethites
A holocaust of Belialites
A push of Faters
A trip or a dose of Fleuritians
A riot of Furfurites
An indulgence of Haagentians
A troupe or a snigger of Kobalites
A division of Malphans
A horde or a clutch of Mammonites
A network or an exposure of Nybbites
A murder of Samingans
A contrivance of Vapulans
A flight or a snatch of Valeforians

A collective of Angels
A rebellion of Demons
A flock of Mortals
A summon of Sorcerors


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