You Might Be A Redneck Angel If...

By Michael Walton & Cameron McCurry


Michael Walton:

If you like country music 'cause you Resonate to the essential truth of sad love songs, you might be a redneck Seraph.

If you've ever Attuned to a six-pack, you might be a redneck Cherub.

If you use your Resonance to find the fastest way to the best fishin', you might be a redneck Ofanite.

If you can think of logical, objective reasons why the South will rise again, you might be a redneck Elohite.

If one of your Oaths is, "I will never drink the last beer," you might be a redneck Malakite.

If you get no Dissonance for leaving a Host in worse shape than you found it -- as long as it's a Yankee -- you might be a redneck Kyriotate.

I'll admit I'm stumped on Mercurian. Anyone?

Cameron McCurry:

If you've ever Resonated someone to find the best drinking buddies, you might be a Redneck Mercurian.


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