Teacher's Report

By Cameron McCurry



Seraph: Very honest all the time. She insists that other children be just as truthful and tends to be aloof from them. This is causing a little friction.

Cherub: A delight to have. He's very protective of everyone in the class. I've noticed that problems with bullying have dropped noticeably.

Ofanite: Very active, very difficult to keep seated. Playground monitor has mentioned increased endurance from having to chase after her after class bell has rung.

Elohite: Quiet and polite child. His homework tends to be late because he insists on figuring out every possible answer. Sensitive to the moods of others.

Malakite: Somewhat reserved around other children. Very demanding of himself in all tasks. Demon class tends to be nervous when he's hall monitor.

Kyriotate: Quite a fashion plate. I have never seen her look the same way twice in one day. Sometimes gets distracted and possesses the class hamsters.

Mercurian: Open and friendly towards everyone. Always seems to know what to say. Has been working very hard at getting Seraphim to socialize.


Balseraph: Very honest sometimes. Treats other children as if they are beneath him. Other children do not seem to trust him at all.

Djinn: Quiet, sullen and apathetic. Never participates in class and tends to answer with one word responses. Gets wildly angry when someone tries to borrow her crayons.

Calabite: Quite active but plays very rough. Needs to be supervised constantly. Tends to start fights, break toys and his clothes are always dirty.

Habbalite: Insists at least once a day that she belongs in angel class. Argues belligerently when told otherwise. Other children go through mood swings around her.

Lilim: Pretty and popular girl. Seems to be everyone's friend. Does little things to help out and others do her favors in return. Flirts with Malakite, who reacts coldly to her.

Shedite: Has a very unpleasant nature and its sense of humor is cause for concern. Seems able to get classmates to engage in antisocial behavior.

Impudite: Very friendly and charming child. Always has a smile when she comes into class. For some reason, other children become sleepy after playing with her.


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