The Conversation

By Steven Ehrbar


"Hostility doesn't keep me fed. I want an alliance."

"What can you get /me/, fatface?"

"We both want several Princes dead. Isn't that enough?"

"Sure. Sparky, Splitty, and Stealer. So? I don't like any of you, Swallower. You big-shot idiots who --"



"Slapstick, maybe?"

"No, idiot. I mean, what the Hell do you mean you want Kobal dead?"

"Do you really think I have my demons working for him out of some sort of brotherhood? His people gave me a harder time than anybody else when I was down. But what better way to take him down than to eat his organization out from the middle?"

"'Kay. But why the hell are you talking to me?"

"Is there any aspect of Dark Humor that isn't Hardcore? When the Coup comes -- "

"What damn coup?"

"The one where all the First Fallen fall. When the Game is taken over by Secrets. When the Media dictates to Nightmares. When Drugs end Death. When Fire is consumed by me. When you take over Dark Humor. What I've been plotting for centuries. The Coup. When we finally --"

"Fine. Whatever. I'll think about it, ugly." And Furfur left.

"Sure you will, Furfur. Gabriel's going to think about the phony plans that I carefully leaked to the demon of mine she just Redeemed. Fleurity's already told Saminga a third version. The rumors are flowing up Kobal's chain of command.

"And whichever one of you is left standing, well, it's been a while since I ate anybody important."

And with a self-conscious smirk, Haagenti laid back and said, "Mmmm. Intrigue."


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