Break Moe's Brain: Fade Away

By Merior


Vapula does not believe in chance.

Oh, he'll admit that so many things might appear to be random or serendipitous on the surface of things but he knows, deep down, that behind everything is the hand of God Himself. He might not know why God has arranged things the way they are, but the fact that the One Above hasn't told him otherwise means he must be playing his own part properly.

Also, sometimes at least, he sees a hint of the Hand of God as it hands him a gift under the disguise of "coincidence". It always seems to be something interesting which he had been looking for, but at others it is something completely unexpected.

(Of course, he pretends not to notice that it is God tampering with things again. After all, he has to keep up his part...)

The latest example of this happening has been most fascinating, diverting from his usual hard science approach to Symphonic mechanics to one which delved more into the realm of psychology.

It all began in a cafe, you see.

(It was always important to help your Servitors learn to expect the unexpected. After all, even if you thought you knew everything, you always had to test again to make sure that nothing had been changed while you weren't paying attention.)

He had explaining to a Servitor about exactly why their sacrifice would be so necessary, remarking on how their continued failure in other areas had made relegation to 'test subject' unfortunately necessary, when a voice had asked him if he wanted anything.

Glancing up at the human in question, his attention was drawn like a magnet to the name tag she wore on the front of her uniform and what he read there gave him a touch of amusement. It was only when he focused more fully upon her that he realized just what a treasure had almost literally been dropped in his lap.

This human had a Force from a deceased Superior within her being.

(And she did asked if he wanted anything...)

The Demon Prince of Technology had encountered this phenomena a few times before, but this case seemed to be slightly different. Absently, he sent her away and gave a look at the Servitor accompanying him to signal a wish for silence in which to think.

An experiment had come to mind, of seeing if something could made of this Force by helping it grow through invoking the Word of it's former owner.

When Vapula left, he already had the beginnings of a very interesting plan.

A pair of his Inspectors, Olwin and Weiss, were assigned to keep track of and implement their Superior's plan for the lady in question. A Balseraph and Djinn respectively, they have not appreciated each other's company much but have so far made a remarkably effective team in this assignment.

The pair are under orders to slowly chip away at all the connections about the waitress, to gradually reduce those things that link her to the rest of the world, but not to actually hurt her or allow her to come to harm. They have been doing a wonderful job so far of following their order, the equipment which they had been provided with by the Archangel of Technology working surprisingly well, and have been seamlessly removing such that they can find.

This has had an immediate effect on their target as possession, people and other such thing seems to be gradual disappearing into oblivion leaving only her memories of their existence. The first few weeks were little things such as keys and photographs, but two days ago she found that nobody in her work place seemed to have ever heard of her.

It was only this morning that this strange clarity came over things though, the world seeming somehow more lucid to her even though she keeps hear these strange noises in the background. That doesn't seem to bother as much as it should though, not since a strange hollowness had opened deep inside her mind around lunch time.

Staring at her name tag, she again and again reads it but it doesn't seem quite right. According to the label, she is supposedly named "Marie L."...


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