Break Moe's Brain: Outside, Waiting To Come In

By Merior


Just let me explain this a bit before you tell me that I'm crazy. If afterwards you still think it is ridiculous... Well, then it's your choice. I'll leave you alone afterwards if you want?


Okay, let's just talk about Forces for a minute.

When a Celestial is stripped off all its Corporeal forces then it can no longer manifest on the Corporeal plane. There is a simple enough reason behind that if you think about. Those Forces are the anchor which lets the Celestial in question have a foot hold into that part of the Symphony.

Now, imagine that somehow that Celestial been in Vessel at the time this occurred. They would leave it behind them, just an empty shell from which the essential "them" had departed as they were kicked out of the Corporeal region of the Symphony. Right?

Couldn't somebody could keep the body alive if they really tried then? Put it on life-support and it should sit there quite nicely without an "occupant" lie any lump of living meat.

Now, obviously the body couldn't do anything at all could it now? After all, it has no mind at all. On the other hand, if you could somehow path some Ethereal Forces in there and a couple of Corporeal ones to let it control the body...

Well, wouldn't that be something suspiciously like a Remnant?

From this point of view, soul-killing somebody would be just making them loose their grip on the Symphony as a whole wouldn't it? Each Celestial Force stripped would be another bits of "them" exiled from the Symphony.

Wait a moment, aren't those Forces the very embodiment of Perception and Will though?

Imagine being trapped, just out of reach of a glorious warmth, a fraction beyond the Symphony you knew. To be able to see it there in front of you, maddeningly close but still beyond your grasp. You never know anything except for the moment so you mindlessly push against whatever is keeping you out, never able to even -think- of doing anything else.

As the War goes on, more and more Celestials loose Celestial Force or are even soul-killed.

More and more might find themselves trapped "on the other side of the glass" and straining to get back in. Millions of shards of "I" and "me" doing nothing but push.

Eventually something is going to give.

Think about it.

Still think I'm crazy?


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