Any Excuse...

By William J. Keith


The artifact acts pretty simply. One way or another, it convinces mundanes that the user has every right to be doing something they would probably otherwise take as exceedingly odd. Both sides love the artifacts, as they help keep the War under wraps(though demons get a bit more mileage out of them). Interestingly, there are a number of means to achieve the same goal -- perhaps it's so natural for the Symphony to be 'left alone' that the way is naturally smoothed for anybody trying to see to it that mundanes remain so.

The most common core to the relic these days is a variant of the Ethereal Song of Forbidding, which forbids victims from letting their thoughts dwell on the user's actions. Alaemon favors those using his ethereal Song of Deception, which makes it seem quite reasonable that the user is doing whatever he is doing; and occasionally old relics from Mariel's days, with the Ethereal song of Forgetting, pop up. Each will have slightly different effects, but the basic use remains the same: the user goes about his business as if everything is perfectly normal, and people in the area tend to agree. Carrying a sword? Must be RenFaire. Hands glowing with green fire? People really ought not to carry fireworks, but it's none of my business. Flapping a pair of big fluffy wings? I just figured he was in some kind of costume.

Mundanes will usually be the ones fooled -- it is not in the normal course of their life for someone to be running a celestial War in front of them. It is in the daily course of existence for a celestial, and it is quite rational for him to be wary of odd people carrying pointy objects around, for instance.

Relic: "Any Excuse..."

Song/#: 3/level Convenience (can be worn): +2
Fragility (typical): +0

Total: 2 points + (level of song x 3)


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