Calling Card

By Amanda Kilgore


This is something that any Friend higher Distincted angel, and a few of the higher ranked demons, can create. Not many will do so, however. (for ease of description, this will be described in angelic terms for here on. Adapt as you see fit for demons.)

On the surface, it looks like a simple business card, usually with the angel's name, or nickname, and little if anything else. The more elaborate have the name in Heavenly script.

For the investment of two Essence, the angel makes the Card, which can then be given out to friends or those who may have need of the angel later. The recipient need only break the card, by tearing or burning, and the angel who created it is summoned. Immediately. Without a choice in the matter.

Well, they can resist with a Will roll at -4, and Interventions tend to make the summoning go rather... haywire.

Those angels who do create this only give them out to very trusted servants or close friends. It goes unsaid that having it fall into enemy hands would be BAD (tm).

Yes, it can be inconvenient to be Summoned at a whim, so anyone using this to bring in a more powerful angel should be very cautious to only use it if they really need to.

It is unknown who first came up with this Artifact. Most believe either Eli or Marc. Marc simply grins when asks, and enthusiastically praises it. Eli... well, if you can find Eli and hold his attention long enough to ask him, you're probably good enough to deserve to learn how to make them yourself.

In game terms, "normal" PC's should not be able to create these and hand them out. However, they can be given by a more powerful NPC as a sort of "ace in the hole" if said NPC or their Superior thinks that a mission could get dangerous enough that a little extra help would be needed.


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