Concrete Cuddlys

By Cameron McCurry


The idea of the Comfort Bears has caught on pretty well over the past few years. Several children have been healed of psychological wounds with their help and many Relievers get to spend time on Earth to further the Word of Children. Quite a few have earned their angelic status with what they have done.

You think the forces of Hell were going to take that calmly? Not at all.

It was a group of Servitors of Dark Humor that got the idea. They raided a few of the places the bears were being stored, stole a few and filled the insides with concrete. As a bonus, they even got to torture the Relievers that were inside the bears. Once the work was done, they enclosed a little tag on the stuffed animals that read "Concrete Cuddlys. Teaching children early on that life is hard." They even got one of their Soldiers to deliver the modified bears to some children.

The media picked up on this pretty quickly. The demons of Dark Humor managed to get a great laugh at the distraught looks of the volunteer's faces. All in all, they thought a wonderful joke had been played.

What they didn't count on was the punchline being their crucified, eviscerated Vessels being dumped off at the local Tether to Dark Humor. Servitors of Christopher may be fun loving and peaceful, but that doesn't mean that they are pushovers.

While the clean up was being done on the whole mess, the Angel of Nursery Schools had a flash of inspiration. She had seen crime being brought to schools. Even the pre-schools she worked at were not safe from violence by humans or demons. Since she couldn't legally carry a gun because of her Role, her options at defense were rather limited.

She managed to take the bears that had been tampered with, got some stuffing and called up a friend of hers that was a Servitor of Eli. The next day, her invention was complete.

The Bears of Concrete (Hey; she thinks it's a nice name. You want to argue with her?), like the Bears of Comfort, look no different than a regular stuffed animal. But the owner can activate it with the expenditure of one Essence. Then the teddy bear hardens to the point that it becomes a powerful blunt weapon (Lawrence glares balefully when the topic is brought up).

Most demons have learned to be cautious around nursery schools once this weapon became public knowledge. It's very embarrassing (Almost fatally so) to explain to your Prince that you sustained Trauma inducing blunt force damage from a plush bear with a corduroy nose.


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