Harp Strings

By Josh Moger


It's surprising how close the mortals have come to figuring it out. I mean, they're starting to get the superstring theory, its just that they're coming at in from the completely wrong point of view.

I mean, the strings aren't a part of quantum physics - they're instruments of the Symphony.

The Harp Strings (and they actually can appear to be anything from guitar strings to piano wire) are extremely flexible pieces of wire about a foot in length. They each contain the Celestial Song of Healing/6 and a small reliquary equal to the bought level of the relic. As usual they gain one point of essence per day which can only be used to power the Song they contain. This is done by taking an end of the string in both hands and snapping it tightly, causing it to make a small melodic *twang* sound, and use all of the essence it currently has stored to that day to fuel back Will points.

Eli, before his walkabout, was quite liberal in handing these out and usually used them for his instruments, meaning that there are a great many still scattered on Earth. After he began his tour of the Corporeal, his servitors IST Flowers told Novalis about the relics and she was quite happy to provide them, though perhaps not so absentmindedly as the Archangel of Creation.

She was especially happy about the minor flaw Eli had worked into them. If ever one of these was used in a violent manner upon anyone by anyone, that string would permanently break, both as a relic and in any possible use as for an instrument.

The strings had another noted strange effect, which would explain why Eli was quite willing to let them fall into the hands of demons. The string operates, on a basic level at least, by singing directly from the True Symphony into the soul of the entity using it. Even demons. Now, the first and even the second use would be fine.

Every use after that produces a note of dissonance for the demon. Now, this only worked with that one particular string. Another string could be used twice without any illeffect for the demon. After all, each string represents a different note of the Symphony.

It was also observed [mostly by Lightning, who keeps tabs on everything (they know where each of the three Elvises are)] that demons who accumulated dissonance from the strings and attempted to roll it into Discord were quite embarassed to find themselves suddenly afflicted with Merciful and Selfless.

Odd, that.

Cost: 4 * level of reliquary


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