Jean's Special Blend

By Jo Hart


The beans that are roasted to make this coffee are sourced from hydroponics labs within the Halls of Progress, where plants can feed on the intense, conscientous, and hard-working atmosphere without distraction. Angels of Lightning drink a lot of this stuff, and usually pick up a cup of the strong brew from the "Buzz Bar" -- a coffee shop deep inside the heavenly Lab complex -- when inspiration is failing and the project needs an extra oomph.

Access to the beans themselves, for private consumption, is purely through the Archangel's fiat.

The blend can be made in four strengths (five if you count normal, which is like a triple espresso.):

1. Strong -- also known as "The Buzz" -- Drinker gains three Essence but can't stop shaking for 4 hours (penalty of -2 on any Precision-based rolls, even for Ofanim; it's good for design work, less good for anything more practical.)

2. Double Strength -- also known as "What's sleep?" -- Drinker gains the effects of the Ethereal Song of Speed (can complete any single task in 1/6 of the normal time, and (if human) does not need to eat or sleep until it is done), but can't stop shaking for 12 hours after it is done (penalty as above.)

3. Ultra Strength -- also known as "I can see through time!" -- Yes, this allows limited foresight and hindsight for celestials. The drinker can use his resonance in a similar way to both Elohim of Laurence (detecting things in the past) AND Mercurians of Yves (detecting things in the future) for an hour, but can't stop shaking for 24 hours afterwards. It's also not unknown for drinkers to experience disorientating flashbacks or flashforwards while this is wearing off.

4. Total Strength -- also known as "It's alive!" or alkahest -- Universal solvent. Yes, really. No-one with a brain (or a vessel they want to keep) drinks it although it has a lot of other uses. The stuff does stop eating through matter after it has dissolved about a mile of rock, so it's not all bad. More to the point, it is guaranteed to destroy any espresso machine used to brew it, which makes Servitors of Lightning (always over-protective of their favourite gadgets) rather grouchy when quizzed about it in detail.


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