Light Cycles

By Michael Cleveland


Don't ever let Vapula watch sci-fi.

No one is particularly sure who came up with this idea, but it seems just twisted enough to be one of Doc V's. Or Eli's, or Janus, or...

Appearing as a small metal bar when not in use, this relic/reliquary rates as one of the more... unique... knock-offs of a science fiction concept. When activated, it allows the user to form a small motorcycle-like construct with a covering canopy and armored sides. True to the original concept, it goes fast - fast enough to match your average Ofanite. On speed, no less.

The Light Cycle contains a Essence storage device similar to a reliquary, but it has no active Essence regeneration in and of itself. It must have Essence pumped into it by its would-be user. The amount of energy that the device can hold is staggering, but it can only be used for powering the device. Once approximately 10 points of Essence have been pumped into the device, the Cycle can be activated.

At the initial amount of 10 Essence, it moves at approximately 100 MPH. Each additional point of Essence stored increases its speed by 10 MPH. There is apparently no upper limit to the speeds this machine will achieve. At least, no one has reached it yet. The machine also projects a weak corporeal shield, which will protect against weather, bugs, rocks, and any adverse conditions. The shield will protect against one head on collision, but upon taking it the Cycle immediately shuts down until refueled.

The Cycle has a few small drawbacks. Apparently brakes were an afterthough that didn't have a high priority in the creator's mind. The Cycle can slow down to about 5 MPH or thereabouts, but it cannot stop without deactivating the device. Also, the machine is loud, generating a disturbance equal to the amount of essence used multiplied by five. Therefore, simply turning the bike on with the bare minimum of energy generates a 50 point disturbance.

Of course, nobody wants to go at just 100 MPH. And since this artifact seems to find its way into the hands of Creationers, Windies and the odd Servitor of Theft, the odds of it being used subtlely are, well...

Happy Motoring.


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