Missionary Staff

By Rev. Pee Kitty


This item is one of the very few mass-produced relics in the storeholds of the Catholic Church. Note that "mass-produced" means perhaps a few every century - they have but eight of them at the moment, as they did not begin creating them until rather recently, with the help of Angels of the Sword.

To achieve its benefits, this staff should be carried at all times by its owner. It grants a default roll of Intelligence-2 to comprehend new languages, and allows the owner to put character points into learning a new language after being in contact with native speakers for (Ethereal Forces) days. If the owner is skilled in a given language, the staff adds +2 to his effective skill. It also gives a missionary +2 to all reaction rolls when dealing with people in their native land.

Any languages "quick learned" with character points while holding the staff will not be forgotten if the staff isn't being held, but all other benefits will be temporarily lost.

Corporeal Song of Tongues/1
("Lucky Statuette" Version) 3 points
Linked Reliquary/1 2 points
+2 Charisma (Natives only) 3 points

Point Cost: 8 points


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