Rashagal's Rape Whistle

By Michael Cleveland


Rashagal's Rape Whistle is a small plastic whistle which appears to be very cheaply made and usually comes in bright pastel colors. Close examination of the whistle will find the words 'Manufactured on Earth - Where Else?' printed on the mouthpiece.

Rashagal was an artificer for the Archangel of Creation back in the days before the Fall. Afterwards, he found himself in the service of Asmodeus, where he gained great skill (and notoriety) as one of Asmodeus's primary investigators. Rashagal often found himself in situations where we was working under the auspices of the Humanity Attunement, and as such could not use songs to inform his fellow agents where their target was. This proved to be a problem, as he more often than not found himself trapped by the very attunement that was giving him his cover.

Rashagal soon realized that this problem could be overcome with a small amount of ingenuity, a small amount of essence, and a willingness to give yourself one hell of a headache. After some period of trial and error, the 'whistle' was ready for its first trial run. In the middle of a group of outcasts who had figured out his allegiances, Rashagal gave it a 'little bit of juice' and blew...

The results... were interesting. Soon after recovering from trauma, Rashagal was informed by Asmodeus himself that whatever he had done to get people's attention had been quite effective and that he was never, ever to do it again without clearing it with him first. Unfortunately this would not prove to be the case, as Rashagal had a mild rebellious streak and (more importantly) had sold the design specifications to a grateful Kobal. Copies and variations of this Relic can now be found throughout both Heaven and Hell, but all of them carry the name of the person who came up with the idea.


When activated, the user spends any amount of essence that they deem necessary. This activates the Song of Celestial Cacophony (pg 31, LC). In the initial trial run described above, Rashagal had 6 Celestial forces, spent 10 Essence, and got a CD of 6, for a grand total of 360 point of disturbance. No matter how the user tries to insulate himself, they are going to be at Ground Zero of a very loud noise, which is guaranteed to cause the user Mind Hits, as well as one hell of a headache.

Relic/6 (Song of Celestial Cacophony): +18
Fragility (any hit will break it): -2
Vulnerability (Artifact destroyed if corporeal form broken): -4
Visibility (Automatically grants Perception roll to detect): -2
Harms User (Inflicts 6 mind hits): -2
Charges (One use only): Divide by 4

Total Cost - 2


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